challenge accepted

As you all know I've been having some issues in the motivation department lately.  My schedule is just so packed!  I was talking to a friend yesterday who's in a similar situation and she helped me rationalize it all.  I realized that I have to stop feeling guilty about not working out all the time.  

It's not like I'm coming home every day and sitting around eating bon bons.  I'm not working out because there's no time.  Could I get up at 5:30am and go for a quick run?  Sure.  But considering I've been going to bed between 11 and 12pm every day because I'm out of the house all evening at appointments it wouldn't be smart to try functioning on 5-6 hours of sleep a night when I know my body needs 8 hours.  

I'm going to try harder to workout when I can and to make healthy food choices.  I know things will slow down soon and I'll be able to workout like I'd should again!

In an effort to help increase my exercise I've decided to join the Runner's World Summer Running Streak.  The challenge is to run at least 1 mile per day from Memorial Day until Independence Day.  

I read about the streak yesterday on Tina's blog and was intrigued, I asked Joe what he thought and we decided that we can totally do it!  It may mean having to head out after dark some nights or on days when the weather isn't great but even if we can't do 3+ miles we can totally handle a mile.  That's just 1/2 way up the road by our house and back, 11 minutes tops!

Wish me luck!

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  1. You can do that! Like you said, only 11 minutes! Go Lauren!