weekly goals 5/21-27

 Monday - workout - Cardio Blast/Abs (check), dinner - baked chicken & roasted veggies (check)

Tuesday - workout - boot camp (4,232 steps), dinner - hamburger helper with broccoli turkey burgers (at least we used the meat)

Wednesday - workout - Cardio Kick N Step (2,963), excitement - was peer pressured into joining a work softball team, dinner - broccoli casserole  sushi

Thursday - workout - Insanity run w/Mandy, dinner - sweet potato perogies & roasted veggies broccoli casserole

Friday - workout - AM run w/Joe (5,772 steps), excitement - Kat's Bachelorette Weekend (check), dinner - order in w/girls (check)

Saturday - workout - rest day (8,947 steps), excitement - Kat's Bachelorette Weekend (check), dinner -Buddakhan w/girls (check)

Sunday - workout - rest day (10,019 steps) (check), excitement - making Save The Dates (check), dinner - Pizza w/STD helpers (check)

It's pretty obvious my week didn't go as planned.  I only worked out twice and I didn't get my steps on most of the days I didn't work out.  I am pretty disappointed in myself, I managed to do all the fun stuff but not much of the work and other then 2 sick days I was just being lazy.  As you'll see on this week's plan I'm super busy so it probably won't be much better...
 Here are my plans for this week:

workout - 10,000 steps
after work plans - register @ Macy's
dinner - Mediterranean Chicken

workout - exercise w/Joe
after work plans/dinner - celebrate Janey's anniversary

workout - 10,000 steps
after work plans - bridesmaid dress shopping
dinner - & drinks out with the girls

workout - 10,000 steps
after work plans - Thirty-One show
dinner - sweet potato perogies & roasted vegetables

workout - exercise w/Joe

workout - walk w/Jack
afternoon plans - manicure & shopping w/Edra

workout - exercise w/Joe (or Angela?)

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  1. Ok, so my marathon training runs are going to *have to* be early on Saturdays this summer because I want to take Friday and Monday as rest days (and early as in 7AM or earlier depending on distance). I don't have to stick to that schedule until July though. So 4-5 miles on Sunday morning?

    Of course, you can always join me for my Sunday workouts this summer. Probably strength training and speedwork or something easy like biking or tennis!
    PS. I kind of like this new blog format showing us your plan for the week! Fun!