My Wednesday just goes to show that even the best laid plans have a way of changing.  On Monday afternoon I got a call from Joe, Chris & Carol had invited us to the Phillies game on Wednesday night, did we want to go?  I told him it sounded fine to me but had he checked the calendar.  He said yes the only thing on it was a workout at the gym for me.  I said that was fine I could just switch my rest days around.  Well this was before I had my ear issues on Tuesday so now I was using both rest days in a row and we'd probably be eating dinner at the game so there went my meal plan as well...

When I woke up Wednesday morning it was raining & the weather report said it was going to keep raining all day.  So while I had been excited to go to the game and see our friends there was a chance it would be called and I could still hit the gym (and spend the evening lounging on my NEW COUCHES)!  I kept an eye on the radar all day and it wasn't pretty...
I called Joe when I left work and asked what the plan was, he said we were still on for the game but he had made the crock pot dinner I'd planned to eat before we left.  Wahoo, 1/2 credit!  When I got home I plopped down on the NEW COUCH and turned on the weather channel.  The storm had changed course or something and now Philly looked clear until 10pm so no workout for me.
We chowed down on the crock pot chicken & rice (really tasty but a little higher in calories then I'd anticipated) and before we knew it Chris was there to pick us up.  We kept our fingers crossed that the rain would hold off and enjoyed the game from awesome seats!

Sometime around the 4th inning we wandered off to get some snacks.  I knew I didn't have many calories left for the day but figured I could squeeze dessert in if I didn't have anything else.  I was in the mood for ice cream so when I spotted the Turkey Hill cart I and got myself a pint of strawberry cheesecake!  Dear lord it was awesome and only 120 calories for a 1/2 cup, let's not discuss how many 1/2 cups I ate though!  I still needed 5000 steps for the day so while everyone else waited in line for cheese steaks I paced back and forth while eating my ice cream.  By the time they got their food and found a seat I had gotten another 2000 steps.  Chris was very impressed by my determination, he kept saying "wow, you really make your food choices count."  It felt good to be seen in that "healthy" light and made it easier to not eat all the junk and sit around.

I still needed 3000 steps when they were finished eating so instead of heading back to our seats I kept walking.  Just for future reference, it's exactly 1000 steps (1/2 mile) around Citizens Bank Park.  After 3 trips around, and a stop to take a picture of the fancy Bud Light booth that fills your beer from the bottom, I headed back to our seats.  Pretty soon thereafter is started raining and since the Phillies were already losing we decided to cut our losses and head home.  I was the only sober one I drove the Denali home, in a rain storm...that was an experience.  I was still wide awake when we got home so I lounged on the NEW COUCH for a little while and watched Revenge before heading up to bed.

While it wasn't the day I had planned for on Sunday it was a good one and I still managed to burn 600+ calories!!

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