AtlantiCare Gala 2012

When I left off, Jack was napping and I was freshly showered, patiently waiting for Jessica to arrive and beautify me.  Two hours later I emerged and hopped into Amy's car headed for the gala.
This was the first black tie event at the new Revel hotel & casino so they had worked with our Foundation to throw a truly spectacular event.  After being given a tour of the space so that all we volunteers would know where we were sending the guests we were shown the Innovation Hall.  It was breathtaking!
We had an hour so to kill before guests began to arrive so it was picture time!  I was excited that Thea and Quynh had also been asked to volunteer this year!  We messed around on the "red carpet" and lots of compliments were passed around.

Soon the guests started to arrive and we all manned our stations.  After cocktail hour when everyone was let into the ballroom we were given our table assignments and sent in to enjoy the evening.  I tried to take pictures of the food but it was too dark, all I managed to get a decent shot of was the tart for dessert.
As the evening wound down there was talk of after parties and gambling.  We made our way to one party but they were closing up the bar when we arrived.  Joe wanted to play black jack so my friend Robyn and I entertained ourselves at the Whiskey Bar for a little while.  Finally around 1am I decided I'd had enough and went to find Joe, he was up $200!  It was great night but after my long day I was ready for bed, after all we had another long day planned for Sunday!

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  1. Love that dress! You look gorgeous!