must have sushi

I had the busiest weekend on record!  Seriously, this morning I told Joe I needed another day off just so I could get some things accomplished.  I was literally only home to sleep for about 7 hours each night and the rest of the time it was go go go.  Unfortunately I wasn't great as taking pictures on Friday so I'll keep it brief.

Friday went very differently then how I had planned.  When I set up my weekly goals my plan was to take a rest day because I had a Thirty-One show scheduled for 7pm.  I was going to leave work, stop for a manicure, grab some leftovers for dinner and head to the show.  Well, the hostess had a lot going on and never got a chance to invite anyone over so on Monday or Tuesday she asked if it would be ok to reschedule for later in the month or June.  This plan actually worked out better for me because I had so many changes to my plans earlier in the week.

I texted Mandy in the late morning and let her know I would be attending boot camp.  We walked into class just a few minutes before it began and were disappointed to see that we were 2 of only 5 or 6 people in the class!  Less people means more individualized attention or a bigger beating by Bryan...  It was a hard class!  We ran, we lifted, we crunched and we couldn't slack off at all!  I was exhausted by the time 6pm arrived.  I would have loved to just head home and collapse on the couch but that wasn't the plan.

I had an appointment for a manicure at 6:30 and then Kat was meeting me at 7:15 for pedicures.  We had a great time catching up and I even accompanied her to ShopRite when we were finished so that we could continue gabbing while she picked up food for the week.

As we were checking out, around 9:20 Joe called, I assumed he was on his way home from work, which he was.  What I wasn't prepared for was the news that we were meeting Chris & Carol for sushi.  I rushed home and jumped in the shower, I was barely dressed when Joe beeped out front and we were off.  Apparently Chris had just gotten back into town from a business trip and since none of us had eaten they decided sushi at 10pm was the way to go.  Don't get me wrong it was delicious but I would have much rather been in bed!

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