Mondays are easy, Tuesday not so much

I'm always so well behaved on Mondays, I eat right, go to the gym, stick to my meal plan for dinner.  This week was no different, I enjoyed a step class with Mandy then came home to find Joe putting together our new coffee tables.

We made a pit stop at Ikea in Philadelphia on our way to the Phillies game Sunday.  It was a busy day but I didn't take any pictures hence the lack of recap post.  We had breakfast with Joe's mom, then the baseball game, then dinner with my mom.  Anyway, we wandered the isles and when we didn't find any traditional coffee tables to our liking we started thinking outside the box.  We purchased a cabinet with a drawer and legs to use as one table and a bookcase turned on it's side as the other for under $300.


While Joe worked in the living room I started on dinner.  My plan was to make baked chicken with roasted vegetable and that I did.  It didn't take very long to cook and wasn't very exciting but edible nonetheless.  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing on the couch and admiring our interior design skills.
Tuesday didn't go nearly as well...I started the day with an appointment at my new doctor.  My insurance requires a physical each year so I called over in March and they didn't have any first thing in the morning appointments available until May.
It took about an hour and a half to get checked out so I got into the office a little later then usual but I hadn't missed anything exciting.  I had to take a picture of my lunch for Angela because she always teases me about my "snack" lunches and this one was extra snack-like.
Unfortunately my day just got worse after lunch.  I'm sure this is an over-share but I've already told you guys about that rash last summer so why stop now.  Anyway, I noticed that I had to pee a lot a lot more then usual all afternoon (which is a lot considering the amount of water I drink) and it felt a little funny when I finished, like hot...I googled the issues I was having and my guess was confirmed, UTI.  Luckily, we have a family friends that's a nurse practitioner so when I let her know what was going on she called a prescription in for me.  I also googled "working out with a UTI" and found that it was not a great idea.  Plus I could just imagine having to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes throughout boot camp, Bryan would have loved that!  I texted Mandy and let her know I was bailing then headed straight to CVS.  I took one pill immediately and spent the rest of the night on the couch.  Joe made me dinner, turkey burgers since we were out of Hamburger Helper (I should really check the pantry before meal planning) and got me some low calorie cranberry juice to drink.  While last night was definitely annoying, I think I went to the bathroom 6+ times in 5 hours, the meds definitely worked and I'm feeling much better today!

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  1. You need cranberry concentrate and not cranberry juice if its severe. I hope you feel better!

    And love the living room! Kind of looking like stuff I would buy. LoL!