do i look fat?

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday!  I was going to put a whole post together about lack of motivation blah blah blah but then I had that talk with Brittany about doing what you can and letting go of the guilt so it seems inappropriate.  Plus I'm attempting to stay positive and motivated with the whole Summer Running Streak thing.  AND my Thirty-One show cancelled for tonight, which sucks, but it also good because now I can go to spin with Mandy!  Yay for working out!

Anyway, here's a random sampling of what I ate of Tuesday.  Even though we went rogue on the meal plan with dinner at Red Robin on Monday we still made the Mediterranean Chicken and I brought a portion for lunch.  That night we went to Mays Landing Golf Club to celebrate Joe's sister's one year wedding anniversary.  I had a super tasty turkey, brie & apple wrap and a piece of one year old wedding cake.
As we were leaving I asked Joe if I looked fat in my outfit because we had taken some pictures and I had a bad feeling about them.  He's a smart man so of course he said no...  I learned my feelings were spot on when I saw the pictures on Facebook the next morning though.  Blah, I untagged myself immediately and made another resolution to hit the gym.
But then I saw this picture from Kat's bachelorette party and felt much better.
I guess sometimes it is just the angle of the camera/photographer...

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  1. Look at those fab legs in that second picture!!! I agree, it has a lot to do with angle, lighting, etc. You are so hard on yourself sometimes! But I totally get the feeling and have been that way lately too. You know what to do to keep healthy though! Do what you can!