how was your weekend?

I've got a lot on my mind today and I'm not really sure how to make it all fit into this post.  So I'm just going to tell you all about my weekend and see how the rest of it comes out.

Friday - Joe & I went out to the Tropicana for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, around 8 we met up with a bunch of friends for dinner at Cuba Libre.  We started with Mamá Amelia’s Empanadas and I had the Camarones con Caña (Pan seared jumbo shrimp, mango BBQ glaze. Crispy Anaheim pepper, stuffed with creamy quinoa, sweet potato and Mascarpone cheese.  Roasted Cubanelle crema. Guacamole Cubano) which was really tasty, especially the guacamole with pineapple!  After dinner the boys went to gamble and the ladies did some drinking and dancing.  It was a really fun (but expensive) night out; we need those from time to time!

Saturday - Surprisingly I felt fine when my alarm went off at 7:30am.  I picked Jack up, we pried Joe out of bed and soon we were on our way to breakfast.  We decided to walk the mile to Hot Bagels and around the time we saw these geese we also learned Jack's newest "trick..."  He's started asking "why" ... not annoying at all. 

After breakfast we stopped at the grocery store for bird seed then headed back to the house.  Joe & Jack spent some time outside feeding the animals and I tried my best to get comfortable on the floor.  See, we finally found someone to take our old couches but the new ones aren't being delivered until Wednesday so we were furniture-less all weekend.  Ian made the best of it by hopping into Jack's stroller after nap time while I laid on the floor with Beans all evening.
Sunday -  We started the day bright and early setting up our registry at Target, who knew they open at 8am on Sunday?!?  I'm not sure why Joe looks so miserable, he was definitely having a good time picking out new stuff!
After a couple of hours at Target we made our way to Macy's.  We picked out fine china and bunches of other fun stuff.  Unfortunately we only had an hour before we had to head to Deptford so we'll definitely be going back to add more items to both registries.
We spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends.  Joe went to see the Avengers with the boys and I went gala jewelry shopping with Tammy.  Thank goodness there's a Charming Charlies in that mall, I got a couple of different options for under $50!

And since I didn't work it in anywhere else, here is where I'll vent.  Because I am a glutton for punishment I got on the scale this morning.  I know I shouldn't have, I weigh in on Friday.  Plus we had both Taco Bell & Wendy's on Sunday so my sodium was through the roof and I am probably retaining water like no one's business.  But I did it anyway and, I've gained 3 lbs since Friday!  I'm so disappointed in myself.  I know I've let things get out of control.  My eating for the most part has actually been alright, just a couple of slips here and there.  The bigger issue is that I'm not working out and I have to.  I have learned what it takes to lose weight and stay healthy and unfortunately for me that means working out 4-5 days a week, something I just have not been doing.

Now I'm not making promises that I'll be back to 134 this month or anything.  I know it's going to take work but I know how good it feels when I'm there.  So here's to taking small steps and hopefully getting where I want to be sooner rather then later.

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