Lauren's Sweat Shop

Last Sunday night we had our first session at Lauren's sweat shop.  That's what we've named our gatherings to work on DIY projects for the wedding.  Nicole has even created a foursquare check in so that everyone can log their time appropriately.

They (the wedding gods) suggest that save the dates go out 6-8 months before your wedding so I knew we needed to get ours out by the end of May.  I want to be sure our guests have plenty of time to make travel and lodging arrangements since our wedding is on a holiday.  

I checked the calendar and selected a Sunday then sent an email out to my bridal party & our moms requesting their help in exchange for wine & pizza.  My sister Shana, Nicole, Kat, Lorie, Joe's sister Janey and both moms took me up on it.  Nicole has been the force behind a lot of my wedding "paper" because she is super crafty.  When everyone arrived she assigned them jobs and they all got to work.
Sorry but I'm not going to show you all our save the dates until I know our guests have received them, I don't want to ruin the surprise if any of them are following my blog.  For now you'll just have to take wild guesses as to what everyone is doing around the dining room table.
Bill came over with Shana and helped to entertain Jack while the ladies toiled away.  He also ran a bunch of errands for us when we ran out of glue, needles and most importantly, wine!  He also helped me with the guest list and mail merging my google doc with the pdf wrap around label I found.
I am super grateful to all of these ladies for coming over to help!  I was absolutely exhausted from Kat's bachelorette weekend (and she's seriously a trooper for coming over at all), so there's no way I would have been able to tackle nearly as many as they all finished that night.
The save the dates are still not quite ready to go out yet.  Quality control deemed about 15 unworthy of mailing so Nicole, Joe & I will be working on them at some point this weekend so they can go out by mid next week.

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