8 miles!

My plan for Saturday morning was to go over to Atlantic City with Jack and meet Lorie and Alayna for the Shirley Mae walk.  I texted Lorie earlier in the week to make sure we were still on and she wrote back that she was sorry but she'd made plans to celebrate Mother's Day with her mom.  Luckily Joe's work schedule had changed and he was going to be closing on Saturday so I suggested he accompany us instead.  He said he'd rather run the 5K so I called the organizers to see if it would be alright for me to switch my walk registration to a run.  They said I would need to pay $5 more but as long as we got there early enough it'd be fine.  I called Joe to tell him the good news and he told me he was sorry but they'd just changed his schedule back and he was opening again and couldn't go.  At this point it was just comical...

After offering a plea on Facebook and receiving no bites I decided to skip it.  Then I got an email from a Thirty-One hostess that was ready to close her show.  She lives about 2.5 miles from me so I decided Jack and I would just walk over there in the morning, finalize her orders and walk home, perfect exercise scheduled!  We hit the road around 8:30am and stopped at Romanelli's for breakfast.  All the patrons sitting nearby commented on how well behaved Jack was.  He didn't eat as much as when Joe comes with us but I managed to get a few bites of my cheese blintzes in him in addition to his, "eggs cheese and bacon."
After breakfast we were off to Northfield.  The hostess' home was only another 1/2 mile or so from the restaurant so we were there in no time.  They were having a yard sale when we arrived but things were winding down so she had plenty of time to close her show.  They even gave Jack this Thomas flashlight he was eying up.
He was pretty shy while we were at their house but as soon as we hit the bike path back he wanted out of the stroller to walk on his own.  Since we were moving a little slower at this point I booted up my Munzee & Geocaching apps and was excited to see some new items placed along the bike path.
While Jack played with Thomas and slowly made his way towards home I'd stop and grab a cache or scan a QR code.  He was really intrigued by this pig shaped cache container.
I encountered a couple of caches that I'd never seen before.  I'm still not sure if that nest is a cache or not.  I couldn't find anything and was pretty sure it was there but when I sent my mom a picture and asked if it was real she said yes.  I wasn't about to get Jack and myself attacked by a momma bird so I let that one stay hidden.  I also came across this duct taped "envelope" of sorts that was stuck behind a sign with only a log inside.
As the afternoon approached I knew we had to get moving, Jessica was coming over to do my hair for the gala at 1:30 and I was hoping to have Jack nap while I showered.  Unfortunately this was about the same time we came across the cat.  Jack demanded that I let him out to play with the "meow" and I did, assuming the cat would take off and we'd be on our way in no time.  Not the case.  The cat was very friendly, it was clean with a collar, no worries that we were playing with a stray.  
After 10 minutes or so I finally got Jack back in the stroller and 20 minutes later we were home.  He fell asleep about a 1/2 mile from the house and I managed to get him in without waking him up so I could shower, huzzah!  When I plopped on the couch and plugged my fitbit in I was shocked to see I'd walked 17,000 steps already!  That's more then 8 miles!  Just think, my original workout was a 1.5 mile walk on the boardwalk, this was way better!

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