101 in 1001

I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon but Joe took a little convincing...  That's right, we've decided to make a 101 things to accomplish in the next 1001 days list!  I've also gotten all fancy and added pages to my blog!  If you're in a reader click over to the site and check it out!  I'll be updating you all whenever we finish anything and keep a running total over on the "101 in 1001" page.  Wish us luck!

Thursday, March 1, 2012 - Thursday, November 27, 2014

1.     Go on a spontaneous trip.
2.     Visit 1 new state per year. (0/3)
3.     Take a road trip.
4.     Go camping.
5.     Visit 3 national parks. (0/3)
6.     Go on a “staycation” (4 days minimum)
7.     Stand outside of the Today show on a weekday morning.
8.     Spend a long weekend at a B&B (3 days minimum)
Food & Drink
9.     Try 10 new local restaurants. (0/10)
10.   Don’t eat out for one month.
11.   Pick fruit from an orchard. 
12.   Be a vegetarian for a week.
13.   Meal plan every Sunday.
14.   Try at least two new recipes a month. (0/66)
15.   Eat at a restaurant owned by a celebrity.
16.   Eat seafood once a week for 3 months. (0/12)
17.   Eat food grown in our backyard.
18.   Visit a farmer’s market.
19.   Eat recommended fruits and vegetables for a week.
20.   No drinking for 30 consecutive days.
21.   Learn to make 3 really good cocktails. (0/3)
22.   Learn how to make a pie.
23.   Learn to bake bread.
24.   Eat at restaurant of two ethnicities we’ve have never tried before.
25.   Serve food at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
26.   Try 10 totally new foods. (0/10)
27.   Bake batches of Christmas cookies & give to friends & family.
28.   Bake cake or cupcakes for 5 birthdays. (0/5)
29.   Make a gingerbread house.
30.   Go to a drive-in movie.
31.   One year, watch all Oscar-nominated films.
32.   Have a dinner party.
33.   No TV Mon-Fri for one week.
34.   Watch 10 classic movies that we’ve never seen.
35.   Attend a play.
36.   Go to the orchestra.
37.   See a Tony Award winning musical.
38.   Attend a concert of someone famous whom we’ve never seen before.
39.   Dress up and go out once a month. (0/33)
40.   Have a double-date with friends once every other month. (0/16)
41.   Get engaged.
42.   Get married.
43.   Get pregnant.
44.   Create and print a photo album for each year. (0/3)
45.   Play a game together instead of watching TV at least one night a week for two months.
46.   Start at least 3 new holiday traditions. (0/3)
47.   Spend an entire day together with no technology.
48.   Spend at least 3 Saturday mornings garage sale-ing. (0/3)
49.   Take at least one meaningful photo every week for three months. (0/12)
50.   Create a family emergency kit.
51.   Send out 25 snail mail correspondence. (0/25)
52.   Take a dance class.
53.   Complete all 90 days of P90X.
54.   Go skiing.
55.   Do a triathlon.
56.   Make bed every day for a month.
57.   Completely clean and purge bathroom and kitchen cabinets three times. (0/3)
58.   Buy a new couch.
59.   Do 3 large-scale projects for our house. (0/3)
60.   Keep the kitchen counters clean for 5 straight days.
61.   Find at least one piece of art for the house that we both love.
62.   Build three pieces of furniture together.
63.   Have fresh flowers in the house every week for a month.
64.   Create a piece of art we’re proud to display in our home.
65.   Have 6 yard sales.
66.   Leave a 100% tip.
67.   Open a joint savings account.
68.   Put $5 into Savings for each completed task and $10 for each uncompleted.
69.   Build a three thousand dollar emergency fund.
70.   Follow cash only plan for 2 months.
71.   Sell something on E-Bay.
72.   Pay for the food of the person behind us in a drive-through.
73.   Have absolutely no debt aside from our mortgage.
74.   Create and follow a budget for one month.
75.   Increase 401k contributions by 1% each year on birthday, up to 10%.
76.   Earn 2,000 diner points on OpenTable.
77.   Write a will.
78.   Run a sub 30 minute 5K.
79.   Start my Masters Degree.
80.   Take a girl’s only trip.
81.   Go to a movie alone.
82.   Read at least 100 books.
83.   Read 5 non fiction books.
84.   Organize or participate in a book club.
85.   Have a psychic reading.
86.   Identify 100 things that make me happy.
87.   Identify 25 things I like about myself.
88.   Run out of 31 business cards.
89.   Wear a dress to work each day for a week.
90.   Get to 20% body fat.
91.   Run 1001 miles.
92.   Learn how to use Photoshop.
93.   Host a giveaway on the blog.
94.   Have a following of 50 people on blog.
95.   Purchase a better camera & learn basic photography skills.
96.   Stop being afraid of my sewing machine.
97.   Build a shed.
98.   Get a promotion.
99.   Display my photography.
100. Get to 215lbs and maintain it.
101. Buy/fix up a boat.

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