1st annual St Pat's bar crawl

After the 10 mile run and breakfast at Shea's I was on to my 3rd shop of the day, a bar crawl in Atlantic City.  They started the crawl at Ri Ra (irish pub at Tropicana) at 2pm then they stopped at Firewaters but I didn't meet up with them until about 4:30 at Hooter's.
We ordered a couple pitchers of beer and a platter of chicken wings.  Turns out the wings really are good there, all those boyfriends & husbands aren't just there to ogle the waitresses!
We went from Hooters at Tropicana to Trump Plaza then to Caesars.  I know I'm making it all sound very quick but we were at each stop for close to an hour.  I was exhausted and tried to take it easy, I never had more then one drink per stop.
A few of the girls were hoping to head over to Somers Point by 8pm because there is an irish band that roams from bar to bar all night playing the bagpipes.  Hanging out closer to home sounded like a good plan to me.  We were at the Anchorage by 8:30 and soon Joe was finished at work and on his way to meet us.
Although it was probably the longest day I've ever experienced it was also really fun.  I got to spend time with Lorie!  We've been friends for more then 10 years but rarely get to see each other anymore what with family and work and everything else in our lives.  Plus Joe & I got to spend some time together out "partying."  We were talking about it the next day, we so rarely just go out to a bar and hang out anymore, it was nice to spend that time together.  But boy was I ready for bed when I walked in the door just after midnight!

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