Shea's & the AC Home Show

Last weekend was pretty crazy!  Joe managed to get the entire weekend off which meant we had to fill it with as many events as possible, lol.  We had so much going on that I've broken it into 3 parts.  Part 1 is Saturday morning and early afternoon.

We started the morning by driving out to Shea's Cafe in Galloway.  People have been raving about how good their breakfast is but it's just far enough away that we can't make it out there when Joe has to be at work early.  We picked Jack up from Nicole around 8am and headed over to the restaurant a little while later.  We had plans to meet my friend Lorie and her daughter Alayna around 9am.  On the drive over I called my sister to see if she wanted to come to the Atlantic City Home & Garden Show with us after breakfast and when she heard we were going to Shea's she hopped out of bed and came over to meet us.  The place wasn't packed but still busy for 8:45am so we waited outside while the owner put a couple of tables together.  I entertained myself by playing with Instagram on my new iPhone!
The menu at Shea's is out of control.  They have a bunch of different kinds of pancakes, french toast and eggs benedict that I plan on trying after my upcoming races.  But for now I went with a healthier option, the resolution omelet, egg whites, turkey bacon, gouda & broccoli with rye toast and home fries.  It was tasty but didn't hold a candle to Joe's cinnamon swirl pancakes.  I can't decide if I'll be having them or the pumpkin cheesecake pancakes after the 10 miler on 3/17...
After breakfast we drove into the city to take a look around the home show.  We weren't expecting much, just hoping to kill a few hours and wear out the kids.
I used to work this show when I worked for The Gutter Guys, it was fun to see the booth set up just like it was 2 years ago with good old Wayne working.
To get Jack excited about going to the show Joe told him we were going to see hot tubs.   I'm pretty sure Jack didn't have any idea what a hot tub was before Saturday afternoon but Joe's enthusiasm got him all excited.  From the minute we walked in he was like, "hot tubs, hot tubs, hot tubs!"  When we finally made our way around to the hot tubs he was happy to stick his hand in and watch the jets but told us he couldn't go in because he didn't have his bathing suit.
While Joe & Lorie talked to the reps about pricing Jack helped Alayna with her bottle.
We wandered past a gardening booth and found these cute little happy dragon statues.  I totally could have been convinced to get one but they were $40!
We stopped by the Home Depot booth because they were doing crafts for the kids but it turns out whoever was in charge forgot to bring the hammers so they were just handing out the wood kits to take home and put together later.  At least he got this cute little apron out of it.
Our last stop was a landscaper's set up, we all oohed and aahed about how we'd love a yard like it.  Joe was particularly wowed by this stone welcome mat built right into the pavers.
By the time we finished walking around the whole show it was almost 1pm and time for Jack's nap.  On the way to her car Shana made sure to teach him to ask mommy for a hot tub when he got home...  He was asleep before we hit the highway.  Unfortunately the nap didn't last and he was awake as soon as we got in the house, I always feel bad giving him back when he hasn't napped.  There wasn't much time to visit though, Joe and I only had an hour until our next adventure. 

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