Philadelphia Flower Show

I didn't sleep very well in Philly.  The mattress was a little harder then I'm used to so I couldn't get comfortable. That paired with all the new sounds coming out of my iPhone and I was tossing and turning all night.  We pried our butts out of bed around 8am, mostly because we were hungry, and got ready for the day.  I was pretty proud of my outfit that day so I had Joe take a picture so I could share with you guys.  I didn't really love the vest but it was pretty chilly on Sunday and I would have frozen without it.  It's also too bad my boots are in the shadows, so well...
We headed downstairs to eat and picked over the cold continental type breakfast that was served.  I went with a HUGE cheese danish, a banana, some orange juice and a cup off coffee.
We hadn't made any definite plans for Sunday other then wandering around the city.  It was definitely a happy accident that the uber popular Philadelphia International Flower Show was starting the same day.  We hopped on the iPad, found a deal for tickets, printed them on the hotel printer, packed our bags, dropped them at the car, then walked the 1/2 mile or so to the show.  There were already a lot of people there by 10am and it only got more packed as the day went on.  I took full advantage of my fancy new iPhone and took a bunch of pictures then played around with them in Instagram.
We did some shopping. I picked up this adorable owl ring and we bought a bunch of glass and ceramic vases for displaying bunches of flowers Joe planted in the yard last fall.
We wandered through the floral displays and noted which plants we liked best so we could add them to the garden next year.

And we even found a display from a local orchid grower in our town!
A little after 1pm we started to get tired and hungry so we knew it was time to call it a day.  We'd seen most of the displays and bought way more plants then we had intended so we headed back to the car.  We joked about how we could have taken a horse drawn carriage and Joe demanded that I take a picture of the horse...I obliged...
Obviously we headed to Tony Luke's for lunch.  We were so hungry, having not eaten in more then 5 hours that our eyes were bigger then our stomachs.  We ordered cheese fries and buffalo chicken bites as an appetizer and scarfed them down the minute they hit the table.
Which meant by the time I got to my sandwich I was pretty full.  I managed to take down 1/2 the roast pork italian (with broccoli rabe and sharp provolone) but had to wrap the rest up for later.
Once we were sufficiently full we headed for home, but we had to make a pit stop at the liquor store on the way.  Joe wanted beer to drink during the Flyers game and I decided to finish the weekend with a bang and picked up a few bottles of Cupcake wine.  I am now a GIANT fan of the Red Velvet flavor and can't wait to try the Angel Food Cake (when I find a bottle).  I also learned that Cupcake makes vodka in fun flavors like Chiffon and Devil's Food, I'm excited to try them once I deplete the stock of flavored vodka in our liquor cabinet (which could take a while given how rarely I drink).
Joe and I spent the rest of the afternoon/evening on the couch watching tv, drinking and laughing.  We  decided a thumb war was necessary at one point and I couldn't get over how much smaller my thumb was, obviously I had to take a picture!
1. 10,000 steps for at least 20 days.  Even with my broken feet the Flower Show paid off, 10291, 3 total.
2. Exercise at least 20 times.  Nope, we planned on doing a long run but my blisters weren't allowing that, 1 total.
3. Eat out less then 20 times.  2 meals out, 4 total.
4. Put laundry away as soon as I fold it.  Didn't wash any clothes.
5. Book at least 4 Thirty-One parties for April.  Nothing booked yet.

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