March 2012 Goals

 I'm setting goals again, can you believe it?!?  To bring you all up-to-date on my weight loss and exercise...there hasn't been much of it going on.  I didn't work out at all last week and I've been haphazardly counting my calories.  So, I've made a deal with myself, I decided that I'm not going to count calories for a little while.  In reality I cannot count calories for the rest of my life, it's time consuming and kind of annoying.  Therefore in March, I'm running an experiment of sorts and trying to make healthy eating decisions instead of counting.  I'm planning to workout more then I have been but no more then I have in the past and see what happens.  While I won't have to totally say goodbye to these:
I will have to say hello to a little more of this:

Without further ado, my March goals are:
1. 10,000 steps for at least 20 days.
2. Exercise at least 20 times.
3. Eat out less then 20 times.
4. Put laundry away as soon as I fold it.
5. Book at least 4 Thirty-One parties for April.

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