I don't really have anything important to write a whole post about so I thought I'd just throw some random thoughts together for you all.

1.  I know I was just complaining about my calendar last week but now I've added visits to wedding venues and it's out of control!  We're going to see 8 different venues in the next few weeks and trying to find times that work for Joe's schedule, my schedule and the coordinator's in laughable.  I'm hoping to find a great one quickly so I can cross this off my list and get some free time back.  My workouts are definitely taking a backseat until we find a venue so I'm going to need to really be on top of my eating.

2.  Speaking of workouts, I went to boot camp at the gym for the first time yesterday.  I've been wanting to take this class for a while now but I work 9-5 so I couldn't get over there in time.  Well I bit the bullet and asked my boss if I could change shifts, now I'm allowed to work 8:30-4:30 or 9-5 depending on what I have going on after work!  That class kicked my butt and I loved every minute of it!  The instructor introduced himself at the beginning and giving him my name was a bad idea.  All I heard for the next hour was "slowing down a little huh Lauren," "ever done anything like this before Lauren," "how's it going over there Lauren?"  But I don't mind too much, it kept me motivated to do everything correctly.  I've now added boot camp to my calendar for Tuesday & Friday through the end of the year.  If that doesn't get my back & arms wedding dress ready, nothing will.

3.  I'm down another fitbit.  Last night I pushed the button to see how many steps I had and nothing came up on the screen.  I plugged it in to make sure the battery wasn't dead, the symbol lit up as 3/4 full so I took it off the charger and pushed the button again, still nothing.  Then I put it back on the charger and no battery symbol.  I tried resetting it, uninstalling the software from the computer & reinstalling but when I tried to set it up again it's says my tracker isn't responding to requests which I'm taking as, it's dead.  I already ordered another one (on sale at Amazon.com) but I can't decide what to do if something happens again.  Should I try another device?  Any suggestions on something better?

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  1. My fitbit won't sync right now and its really annoying! Not even a year old! This is the third time too. They don't seem to reliable. Nike has a new similar device out but its a wrist band so its visible all the time. That was the only thing I didn't like about it.