how he did it

I totally dropped a bomb on you guys and then disappeared for a week...sorry!  It's been crazy!  I figured I'd start recapping the weekend by explaining how Joe proposed.

It all began on Thursday afternoon...around 3pm I received a text message asking if I'd want to see The Hunger Games at midnight.  I told him it would be fun & I appreciated the gesture but I'd be miserable at work on Friday if I only got 3 hours sleep.  He suggested I take a personal day.  I talked to my boss and she explained that because it was so late in the day it would be considered unexcused but that she didn't have a problem with my taking it off and as long as I didn't make it a habit it wouldn't matter in the long run.  I talked to Joe about it and decided to be reckless just this once and put up my out of office message before leaving for the day.

I beat Joe home from work but just by a little and we were both starving.  We decided to walk over to Gregory's for Taco Thursday
We enjoyed a uneventful dinner at the bar and walked back home a few hours later. There was still a couple of hours before we had to leave for the movie so we watched some TV upstairs and I dozed until it was time to leave.
The movie was really good!  The only part that was changed and really bothered me was the origin of the Mockingjay pin.  But I suppose having only one issue with the adaptation is a win.  I can't even think about My Sister's Keeper without getting angry...  Anyway, we got home around 3am and I was so ready for some sleep!  But first I had to take a picture of the kitty feet hanging out from under the bed.
We got up around 9am on Friday morning and lounged around for a while before deciding to go out for breakfast.  As usual Joe was ready before me and headed downstairs to wait.  When I came down a few minutes later he called me in the kitchen saying something about wanting to show me the movie trailer that they hadn't shown at the theater the night before.  I had no recollection of him mentioning anything about a movie trailer the night before but figured I must have just zoned out or something.  When I walked into the kitchen the iPad was standing on the island.  He pushed play and this is what played...
As soon as I saw the first few seconds of the movie I knew what was happening and got really giddy but I kept myself together and watched until the end.  When it finished I turned to him and he took my hand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  I know he said some really sweet things but I don't remember any of the exact words!  I pretty much bounced around the room for a minute or two before calming down and asking if he still wanted to go to breakfast, lol.  He laughed and said he could wait while I "alerted the media."  We went outside to take a good ring picture which I then forwarded to most of the people I've ever met before heading to breakfast.  I wanted to change our Facebook status' immediately but Joe made a good point that we should let our loved ones have some time to get the messages first.
We went to Towne & Country for breakfast and I actually had to turn the sound off on my phone because it was beeping so often!  After we ate we stopped home & hopped on the computer to update Facebook and that's when things really got crazy.  I finally just stopped checking all of the congratulatory messages until later in the day because I just couldn't keep up!  

Everyone wanted to know what we were doing to celebrate.  We didn't have anything planned for the rest of the day so we decided to have an open house so that anyone could stop in and have a celebratory drink.  People started arriving around 5pm and the last person didn't leave until after midnight!  It was awesome to feel all the love and well wishes from our friends!  Joe was blown away by how many people dropped everything and came over.

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