I'm going to...BOOTCAMP!

Beacause I am a glutton for punishment I've signed up for Tina Reale's bootcamp challenge.  
Here are the details:

WHO: Anyone! This challenge will be open to bloggers and readers, family and friends. Anyone who registers before the cut-off date (March 4th – day before challenge begins).
WHAT: Best Body Bootcamp Challenge
WHEN: 8 Weeks through March and April – beginning Monday March 5th and ending Monday April 30
WHERE: Online! Through www.tinareale.com .
WHY: A fun and flexible way to train to get ready for those warmer months that are fast approaching. A great way to stay motivated through the support of other participants. To learn and experience new workout techniques and exercises. To enter to win great prizes!!!!
I heard about it on Julie's blog and was intrigued.  You all know I've been having a hard time with getting my workouts in and I'm hoping this challenge will get me off my butt.  Plus I can do it all at home!  Joe's been great about working out with me and I'm thinking maybe he'll be interested in trying some of these out with me!  Wish me luck!
PS - the registration has been extended through today if you're interested in taking part.  Click through the button on the right side of my blog and sign up!


  1. Great idea! I am always terrible at following online bootcamp things but you have much more will power than me! Good luck!!!

  2. Keep your fingers crossed for me!