Happy St Patrick's Day??

For some reason Atlantic City decided to have their St Patrick's Day parade a week before 3/17...I have no idea why.  If a holiday falls on a Saturday why not celebrate it on that actual day?!?  I shouldn't be complaining though because this worked out better for us anyway.  Joe randomly had the day off from work and was able to take part in the festivities for the first time is years!  We started the day by picking up Jack and heading to Fitzpatrick's for breakfast.  Aren't the boys so cute in the greenness?
I ordered 2 eggs over easy with pork roll, tomatoes instead of home fries and rye toast.  This has become my go to out for breakfast meal lately and I'm not sure why, it's not even particularly delicious.  On our way out of the restaurant an older lady at the table next to us looked at me and said "he really can't deny him huh" about Joe & Jack.  I didn't have the heart to tell her we're just the babysitters and not related in anyway.  People never give a second look because there is a resemblance between the two of them but this was the first person to actually say something.
After breakfast we went back to the house to get ready for the parade.  Joe took Jack out back to feed the birds and I went upstairs to knock out my bootcamp workout.  This one was much harder for me then Thursday's had been, I was dripping sweat by the time I finished.
I hopped in the shower and quickly got ready to head out.  We were meeting some people at Shana & Bill's house before the parade and I had some errands to run for my Thirty-One party that night.  It was a good thing we had some extra time in the car too because we were close to Jack's nap time, this way at least he got a solid hour in.  Soon we were on Brigantine and ready to party!
After an hour or so it was time to get to the parade.  Shana & Bill brought Shaggy which made me feel better about bringing Jack.  I didn't want to hold anyone back from really partying but there's no bringing babies or dogs into bars.  
We found a spot in the sun and waited for the festivities to begin.  Soon we saw the flashing lights and heard the sounds of bagpipes.
We were all decked out in our finest greenery.
Shaggy even made a friend with a doberman marching in the parade.
Jack was particularly taken by this mini horse.
We took pictures of our crew in between floats.
Joe made sure to get in the Irish spirit with his flask of Jameson.  And I was super excited to see the Rita's water ice mascot!  The store by us opened for the season on Sunday!
After the parade was over we let Jack out of the stroller and he ran around the boardwalk collecting all the candy that was thrown.  I swear he was having a great time no matter what this picture looks like.
Soon we were ready to get back to the house for some snacks.  I can't believe I didn't take any pictures!  The real stand out for me was a Reuben Dip that Kelli made, it's pinned on my food board if you'd like the recipe.  It was so good!

Shana & I only hung out with everyone for an hour or two before it was time to head to Manahawkin for her co-worker's Thirty-One show.  It was a great show, over $700 in sales and I booked another show from it!

It was a long day, after dropping Shana off at home I didn't get back to my house until almost 10pm, that's means I was out of the house for almost 12 straight hours.  I was ready for bed but was surprised to find Joe had brought some friends home with him from the party.  We were up for another 2 hours or so visiting before finally going up to bed just after midnight.

1. 10,000 steps for at least 20 days.  10010, 8 days total.
2. Exercise at least 20 times.  bootcamp, 5 days total.
3. Eat out less then 20 times.  Fitzpatrick's for breakfast, 1 meal out, 7 meals total.
4. Put laundry away as soon as I fold it.  No laundry done.
5. Book at least 4 Thirty-One parties for April.  1 show booked, 1 show total.

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