St Pat's 10 miler

So, I ran 10 miles on Saturday.  Well, actually I ran 9.70 miles because I took three .1 mile walk breaks to suck back GU packets.  But let's start at the beginning.  I left my house around 8:45am on that super foggy morning, it wasn't cold but it was definitely dreary.  I wanted to be there early enough to insure I got a decent parking space.  The race was starting in Margate, a town with notoriously bad parking in the summer, and while it's not summer yet there were still going to be a lot of people in the area and I didn't want to risk a long walk to the car after the run.  As I was walking up to check in I got a text from Shana asking me to check her in as well.  The line moved quickly and they didn't give me any issues for getting Shana's number and t-shirt.  Since I didn't know any one else there I headed back to the car and hung out there listening to music and playing on my phone until Bill wandered up and knocked on the window.  Turns out he had left Shana at check-in then went to park.  I grabbed my running gear and went to meet her.   There were a lot of people milling around the pavilion but it didn't look like many of them were doing the 10 miler.  A lot of people were wearing goofy outfits and costumes for St Patty's Day, some better athletes then myself may be able to pull that off but there's no way I could run that distance unless I'm dressed appropriately.  Also, I didn't see anyone with water belts or spi belts.  I know not everyone runs with gear but normally there are at least a few people.  I was getting nervous, I wasn't trying to break any records or anything but I also didn't want to come in last and the fewer people running the bigger possibility of my being the last one across the finish line...

Once Kat arrived we headed down to the start line.  The run would take us through a couple of blocks in Margate before turning onto the boardwalk in Ventnor, from there it was a straight shot to the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and back.  Not the most interesting course I'd ever done...  

They sounded the horn and off we went.  I kept up with Kat & Shana for the first mile or so but soon they pulled ahead.  Then I noticed my friend Yani running only a few people in front of me so I caught up to her and we chit chatted about all our upcoming races until we got to the 5K turnaround and she, well, turned around.  In fact, most of the people turned around, I'd say there was less then 200 people continuing on to the 10 miler.  I trucked on until the 3 mile mark where I pulled out my GU packet and my iPhone to listen to some music.  The GU always makes me feel better, I don't know if it's subconsciously or not but I swear I run better for a mile or so after each packet.  

I chatted with a girl doing her first long distance run for miles 4-5 but she pulled away when I stopped for GU at mile 6.  Around mile 7 I met up with a couple running together, the guy was so funny that I almost didn't want to get ahead of them for fear of boredom.  But they fell behind me at the next to last water station where I met up with a new couple.  The guy was wearing those bare foot shoes and the girl was excited to run along to my music while telling me all about her triathlon training.  Running with them made me feel better about being behind my friends because they appeared athletic enough, just not very fast, lol.  At the last water station they got ahead of me because I almost choked while trying to drink from the plastic cup, I really should have brought my water belt.  Not only were there no water stations from miles 3-7 but it's so much easier to drink from those bottles.

I was so grateful that my hip hadn't acted up at all but the race wasn't without any aches or pains.  Twice during my last mile my right calf spasmed, it was enough to throw me but wasn't constant enough to stop me.  I finally crossed the finish line at 1:55:14, about 7 minutes slower then last year's Broad St 10 miler.  I wasn't particularly thrilled with my time but at least it was under 2 hours and I wasn't last, plus I didn't put in anywhere near the amount of training I had the year before.  I'm taking it in stride that this was a good training run for Broad St in May.
I spent some time on the phone with my sister last night talking about running.  Apparently she & Kat think that I can go much faster then I do and that I psych myself out with breaks to walk.  I tried to explain that it's not about the walking it's about eating & drinking but she's convinced I can do those things without breaking stride.  I haven't decided if I agree with her or not.  I mean I know I can go faster, I was running faster last year before I was sidelined with my foot injury and that damn rash (which is trying to come back btw).  I've got 2 weeks until the 11K so that one is probably a lost cause; except that Joe is running with me so I can try to keep up with him more.  Then Broad St isn't for another 7+ weeks...I could really improve by then...

Does anyone have any tips on increasing speed?


  1. I know we both could be faster if we just trained for it. LOL! I plan on doing 1-2 speed workouts when I start marathon training. You should check the list I made on my blog: http://thechickenscoop.net/?p=1128
    I have tons more in a book here. I can type them up if you want them too. Also, I think that Insanity is really going to help me get faster with its "explosive" power workout. Try adding HIIT or Plyometrics and you will definitely see your speed increase!
    Oh, and as for walking breaks, I find that I have a faster pace overall when I take regular walking breaks. I actually run way faster while I jog and the walk breaks don't bring the pace down that much. Weird!
    Good luck!!! Just follow your training and Broad Street will be cake!!
    PS. HalHigdon.com has some half marathon training plans with speed work in them. You could look at them and incorporate them into your training.

  2. PSS. WAY TO GO on your race!!!!

  3. Impressive!!!!! I'm building up my mileage for Broad Street, but will just be chugging along slowly but surely. I'm hoping to come in around the 2:10 mark.

    I find that when I try to run without stopping, I go the same exact pace as when I run 4 mins/walk 1 min. But with my intervals, I can go a lot longer and am not so burnt out at the end.

    Good luck with your training!

  4. @Angela - thanks for the tips! I really just need to apply myself but there just aren't enough hours in the day. Post on that coming soon, lol!

    @Kim - I'm so excited for you! I loved Broad St last year! Maybe we'll be able to meet up?

  5. We should definitely plan to meet up! I'm getting super excited about the race. I've heard it is such a fun time.