weekend update

  • 1 item down, 39 to go!  I sold something on eBay!  I think it's hilarious that the first item we (me & Nicole, we're a team in this) sold is a wallet called the Lauren.  I'm ridiculously excited about getting rid of all the stuff I don't wear/use.  We have 21 items listed as of today and I packed up 2 more boxes of stuff over the weekend!  Here's to making some money back on my out of control shopping habit!
  •  I think 2013 Bayfest may have been my last.  I'm officially too old for day drinking outside in the sun.  I had a great time walking down to the event with Lorie & Katie then hanging out with friends all day long but by 6pm I was ready for bed and I was exhausted until mid afternoon on Sunday.  I just can't hang like I used to!

  • My Old Navy starting selling sunglasses (and jewelry), they have a whole display by the front door now!  I mean really I need another pair of sunglasses like I need a hole in the head but how could I pass up these super fun green guys?  I wanted to wear them while I was running errands with my mom but I was already wearing a similar shade of green jeans and after one comment from a gentleman at Home Depot they went back in the bag.

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