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I did a terrible job of taking pictures yesterday and nothing exciting happened so I don't have any real recap.  I figured I'd just take a couple of minutes to share some random things...
  • My goal progress for Wednesday April 4th.
    1. I grabbed lunch from the cafeteria for lunch.  I had yogurt for breakfast and didn't want it again at lunch time.  1 meal out, 3 meals total for the month.
    2. I had bananas & strawberries for breakfast, nothing at lunch and a bagged Caesar salad for dinner.  3 servings of fruit/veggies, 12 servings total for the month.
    3. I had to drink 2 bottles in bed but I got there!  64oz of water, 3 days total for the month.
    4. 247 calories under my goal 8) , 2 day total for the month.
    5. 28 minutes of C25K, 84 minutes total for the month.
    6. Lots of running around at work plus my workout = 11,073 steps, 33,028 total for the month.
  •  April 3rd - photo a day - something beginning with A.  I realize this a stretch but I really didn't want to take a picture of an apple.  Behold, Joe making an "announcement" at the Kimmel Center.
  • My friend Angela from The Chicken Scoop is doing an online Thirty-One party!  She did a really great review of the products on her blog yesterday and is keeping the sale open until April 26th.  If you're interested in ordering please visit www.mythirtyone.com/LaurenFields then click on "My Parties" and select "Shop Now" next to Angela Lundberg.  We have gym bags on special this month and they are super cute (I have the pink one)!

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  1. I saw your monthly photo thing on Instagram and was going to jokingly send you a picture of me ("A"ngela) for this challenge. Haha!