eating out is the devil

I am loving this weather, it was over 80 again yesterday!  Meaghan asked if I wanted to meet her for kickboxing but I just couldn't, it felt wrong to exercise inside.  Joe had the day off so I thought maybe we could go for a walk or do a C25K workout.  But as soon as I walked out back after work I knew that wasn't happening.  My "can't relax to save his life" husband had spent the day installing a new fence around our backyard!
I knew that it was in my best interest to stay out of his way so I cleaned the cobwebs off my bike and went for a ride.  I knocked out 6.34 miles in just over 35 minutes and I felt great.

I was starving when I got home and had been craving a sandwich since lunch when my coworkers were eating them from the cafeteria.  Since Joe was showing no signs of slowing down out back I decided to fend for myself.  I made a Dole Caesar Salad Kit (1/2 for me & 1/2 for Joe whenever he decided to come inside) and a ham & cheese sandwich in an Arnold's Pocket Thin.  It was the first time I'd tried the Pocket Thins and I LOVE them!

I had a bit of a realization last night/this morning.  I've been eating more calories than usual, around 1500-1600 when I normally try to stay between 1200-1300 and I'm still losing weight (154 this morning).  I wasn't sure why but then it occurred to me, I'm not eating out.  I know exactly what I'm consuming instead of guesstimating based on similar items in MyFitnessPal.  I'd bet money that when I eat out I'm low balling my caloric intake and doing myself a disservice.  It totally makes sense, when I lost all my weight in 2010/2011 I tried not to go out to eat anywhere that didn't post their nutrition information.  That's the difference this time!  I guess I'll have to start playing by that rule again.

Goal Progress:

    1. 0 meals out, 4 meals total for the month.
    2. none for breakfast, apple & pear for lunch, salad for dinner.  3 servings of fruit/veggies, 27 servings total for the month.
    3. 64oz of water, 6 days total for the month.
    4. 169 calories under my goal, 5 days total for the month.
    5. 36 minutes, 120 minutes total for the month.
    6. 14,610 steps, 87,185 total for the month.

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