finding balance

For some reason I can't seem to find a balance when it comes to eating right and exercising.  It's like I have 2 speeds, all in or all out.  I'm either going to the gym 5 days a week and keeping my calories low or I'm not working out and eating junk all day every day.  There's no middle ground in sight. I desperately want to shrink my waist line and feel better about myself when I get dressed but I can't find the motivation to strap on my sneakers and go for a run (or even a walk).

The biggest problem is that I WILL NOT work out alone.  Lately all of my workout buddies seem to be taking a break as well.  I've tried to change, I've tried to work out alone, I just don't and I've accepted that.  So, instead of making lofty goals for May I'm going to be realistic.  While my overall goals will basically remain the same I've lowered the expectations of myself.  I want to figure out a lifestyle I can maintain, enjoy even.
  • Less then 20 meals out.  If I really want a smaller body without killing myself at the gym I need to eat out less.
  • 90 servings of fruits and/or veggies.  I eat too many carbs, end of story.
  • 64oz of water 26 days = healthier Lauren.
  • Calorie Goal Met 26 days.  The only way I can work out less is to eat less.
  • Outdoor Activity.  The days are getting warmer and sun stays out later, time for me to get off the couch.
  • 260,000 steps.  I don't have to run, I just have to move.


  1. To keep us both accountable, I'm stealing some of your goals for May too! I'll work on them later but they'll be very similar!

  2. Are there classes you can take to get you back to the gym? I've been doing classes instead of trying solo workouts. It was intimidating to show up alone the first time, but now I've met a couple of the regulars and the teachers know me now. I'm taking two yoga, two step, and a body pump class every week. The variation keeps it interesting and I think I've tried enough of the classes to have settled on the best ones on the schedule.

  3. That's how this whole working out thing started, I took classes at my old gym & made friends, it was great! The problem is that at my new gym all of the classes are some version of step aerobics, spin or zumba (which I don't enjoy), it gets really old.