results take time

It's driving me crazy that I've put a solid 2 weeks into exercising regularly and eating better and haven't seen any real results.  I'm aware that I'm being dramatic and I need a solid month to make a change but it's really hard, as you all know there's temptation everywhere!

For instance, yesterday, lunch time rolls around and both of my coworkers are buying lunch in the cafeteria.  I really wanted to buy a delicious sandwich, I even went as far as to leave my packed lunch in the fridge and walk down with them.  But my conscience kicked in while waiting in the deli line and I walked back to the office and grabbed my cooler...

Also, I teased my sweet husband mercilessly on Sunday because he didn't make me an Easter basket (or get me the adorable chick Pandora charm).  He made up for it by getting flowers and my all time favorite Easter candy for me on Monday!  It was all I could do to keep from tearing that bag open and eating the whole thing.  Luckily I maintained my sanity, mostly by eating a peanut butter egg from Joe's basket, and left the mini eggs sealed for at least one more day.

Anyway, I'm just complaining.  I've gone up and down from 158 to 157 to 158 to 157 for the last 3 weeks and it's driving me crazy.  I hate that 2 measly months of eating what I wanted and not exercising got me in this predicament.

Overall the first day of April was a good one.  I ate dinner out with my dad but I had a salad which helped with my fruit/veggie goal.  I drank all my water and met my calorie goal thanks to a C25K workout on the treadmill at home which gave me 28 fitness minutes and helped total 11,818 steps!

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