it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

It looks like spring has finally arrived in South Jersey!  It was super nice outside yesterday!  I'm talking 70 degrees when I left work!  We even ate lunch outside in this cute little courtyard off the cafeteria and followed it with a 1/2 mile walk around the building, awesome!

Goal Progress:
    1. 0 meals out, 4 meals total for the month.
    2. none for breakfast, apple & pear for lunch, salad & sweet potato (I put a laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese wedge on the potato, WOW!) for dinner.  4 servings of fruit/veggies, 24 servings total for the month.
    3. I did a great job of drinking water all day but totally forgot to drink my last 16oz, doh!  50oz of water, 5 days total for the month.
    4. 129 calories under my goal, 4 days total for the month.
    5. I'm conflicted on this one because I went for a 15 minute walk at lunch AND an hour walk after work w/Lorie & Nicole but I didn't actually break a sweat...0 minutes, 84 minutes total for the month.
    6. all that walking paid off!  13,883 steps, 72,575 total for the month.
Photo A Day Catch Up - I totally fell behind on this over the weekend.  Sorry!
  •  5 - something good : Woodchuck Hard Cider, love it!
  •   6 - air : Joe getting off the airplane in Antigua on the first day of our honeymoon.
  •  7 - dreamy : This is what I found when I went upstairs after my mom's Thirty-One party on Friday night, I hope he was having good dreams.
  •  8 - on your plate : Joe made me these yummy cinnamon buns for breakfast on my first day back to work after the wedding/honeymoon.  No wonder I put on 10 pounds!
  •  9 - tiny : My mini mug from the Beer Festival this past weekend.

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