Shana's Birthday Dinner

As I said the other day, April is full of birthday celebrations and they started Tuesday night with my sister Shana's 29th.  It was a miracle that all six of us happened to be available on Shana's actual birthday for dinner.  My dad suggested we try a new place that had just opened by the mall, Buffalo Wild Wings.  When suggesting this to my sister she immediately asked if they serve anything other then chicken wings because she doesn't eat them!  :party
Joe and I arrived a few minutes before everyone else and the lobby was packed!  We put our name on the waiting list (45 minutes) and headed to the bar.  Before long everyone had arrived and Joe challenged my dad to a game of Big Buck Hunter, he picked it up pretty fast!

It only took 25 minutes for our table to be ready so the Shana & I sat down while the boys finished up a second game.  I had already studied the menu online and knew what I could order and stay semi low calorie, the Grilled Chicken Buffalitos with a side salad instead of chips = 290 calories before dressing.  I knew I'd need to keep my entree low because there would be lots of wings coming plus flatbread appetizers and giant cupcakes for dessert.  My total for dinner was 1014 (it's crazy how fast it adds up) so I can't even imagine what it would have been if I had gone in on that basket of wings!
I know I could have done better, passed the appetizer for sure (307 calories for 1/3 of the flatbread :o) but I'm pretty happy with how my day went:
  1. 1 meal out, 2 meals total for the month.
  2. 5 servings of fruit/veggies, 9 servings total for the month.
  3. 64oz of water, 2 days total for the month.
  4. 112 calories over my goal :tdown , 1 day total for the month.
  5. 28 minutes of C25K, 56 minutes total for the month.
  6. 10,137 steps, 21,955 total for the month.

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