week days are so much easier

It is really ridiculous how much easier it is to complete my goals during the week.

  1. I'm out of my lunch staples so I got something from the cafeteria...1 meal out, 12 meals total for the month.
  2. apple for breakfast, potato for lunch, salad for dinner.  3 servings of fruit/veggies, 45 servings total for the month.
  3. 64oz+ of water, 9 days total for the month.
  4. 261 calories under my goal, 9 days total for the month.
  5. walked on the treadmill while watching Glee.  32 minutes, 230 minutes total for the month.
  6. 10,031 steps, 136,335 total for the month.
Even though I had a pretty busy day I still managed to accomplish everything!  The best part was dress shopping with Anne after work!  I found out I'm definitely working the Century Club Gala again this year which means, new dress!  I tried on about 15 different styles & colors before selecting this cobalt blue one shouldered number.  It was a little more expensive then I'd hoped but I already have like 4 pairs of silver shoes so I won't need a new pair...that counts for something right?
not the best pic of me but I couldn't resist Anne hamming it up
stock picture of my dress

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  1. Love that dress on you! And LOVE the color (And Anne is adorable).

    And yes, week days are so much easier. Saturday is going to be tough! (Rugby and someone's birthday party!)