101 in 1001 - update

I can't believe we're already a month into this already!  Someone asked how it was going the other day and I had to be honest, I hadn't thought about it in the slightest...oops!  I just went through the list and pulled the goals we should be working on regularly...

13.   Meal plan every Sunday.  We have not meal planned at all.  Which means we'll be putting $10 in the account for this one.  I think is was probably a little too lofty to think we could meal plan each Sunday for almost 3 years...oh well, maybe we'll get on it in April (but not the first week, since we didn't meal plan yesterday).
14.   Try at least two new recipes a month. (2/66)  I was a little nervous about this until I started looking back through March's posts, turn out I made Easy Garlic Chicken & Pasta with Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Red Onion this month!
39.   Dress up and go out once a month. (1/33)  We had our fancy night out in Philadelphia at Le Bec-Fin!

40.   Have a double-date with friends once every other month. (1/16)  Again I was nervous that we hadn't done this but luckily we're social butterflies and had a sushi date with Carol & Chris!

41.   Get engaged.  Wahoo!!

91.   Run 1001 miles.  I ran 28 miles in March.

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