not a good start

Remember those weekly goals I decided to start to keep myself on track?  Well, day 1 didn't go as well as I had hoped...

1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  I only walked 4,077 steps.  The weather was crappy (cold, rainy, windy) and I just plain didn't feel like walking around outside in that.  Plus, I drank a bunch of wine so I decided it wasn't safe to use the treadmill.
2. Workout at least 5 times.  I had big plans to go for a run with Joe after work but the weather sidelined me.  I should just drive straight to the gym after work so I'm forced to do something instead of going home where it's easy to flop on the couch.
3. Eat out less then 5 times.  Wahoo, one I actually did!  I did not eat any meals out yesterday!
4. Have a total burn of at least 3500 calories.  I was doing really well with this one all day.  I kept my calories low and had only eaten 1215 for the day by the end of dinner.  But then I drank the wine...  My dad came over for dinner and to review the venue contract and we all enjoyed some wine with the Jambalaya Joe made.  I enjoyed a little too much...like 3 glasses.  That shot me straight from 1215 to 1611 and removed any burn I had.

I find it funny that according to MyFitnessPal I can go over my allotted calories and somehow still lose 4 pounds in the next 5 weeks! 

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