April Fools 11K

Wow!  I've been sitting on this one a long time!  It's been 2 weeks since we ran the April Fool's 11K so I guess it's about time I post about it.  

When I woke up on Sunday April 1st I was not feeling a run.  Luckily Joe & Shana had signed up as well so there was no way I could bail.  We headed for Atlantic City around 7am and I suggested we park at Caesars because the hospital shares a parking garage with them and I can park free.  Joe countered that we would get free parking at Ballys as well because they were sponsoring the race and we wouldn't have to walk as far, that sounded fine to me and off to Ballys we went.  

Unfortunately everyone else running the race had also decided that Ballys free parking was the way to go.  We waited in line to enter the garage, waited in line all the way to the roof & waited in line back down again because ALL THE SPOTS WERE TAKEN.  In the 20+ years I've lived outside of Atlantic City I've never seen a totally full parking garage.  I kept my mouth closed as we pulled out of Ballys and headed over to Caesars...  There were plenty of spots at Caesars and soon we were at check in.  It didn't take long to find Shana and then Angela & Callista who were running the 7K.
The race went really well!  Joe ran with me up until the last mile then took off to try to beat some girls wearing inner tubes, lol.  I can't deny it anymore, I really need to run with someone.  I enjoyed running so much more last year when Angela & I were training together and then this year I felt good and ran faster with Joe then when I ran the majority of the St Pat's 10 miler by myself.  I'm not sure how to solve this problem other then to find someone to run with that's close to my speed...
The course wasn't anything exciting, just down the boardwalk and then back.
I was shooting for under 1:20 and I came in at 1:13:57!

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  1. I love that picture they got of you! And I agree, its so much better running with a friend but its hard to find one at a similar pace too!