1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  10,067 steps!  It's crazy how easily I fell out of my healthy habits, I'm really having a hard time getting these steps!  I was at 7000 when I got home last night, Joe was at work & Nicole was out to dinner so I didn't have any walking buddies.  I paced my house for those last 3000 and it was tough!  I'm really hoping we get a speaker for TV upstairs soon so I'll be able to hear it over the treadmill because that would make this walking slightly more entertaining.  2 days accomplished.

2. Workout at least 5 times.  I met Mandy at the gym for Cardio-Kick-N-Step and it was tough.  I was red faced in no time and my legs are pretty sore today.  2 workouts complete.

3. Eat out less then 5 times.  I didn't eat out again!  In fact I cooked tacos for dinner!  It's pretty sad how rarely that happens lately, it seems like either Joe's cooking because he's off, we're eating out or I'm having leftovers because I'm on my own.  We're planning to sit down and meal plan this Sunday in hopes of cleaning out the pantry and increasing our weight loss.  I'll let you know how it goes.  1 meal out.

4. Have a total burn of at least 3500 calories.  I learned something interesting from Angela yesterday, apparently on MyFitnessPal when I'm hitting my daily goal for calories I'm still getting a burn of 500 because they do the calculations for you!  That means that with yesterdays burn of 646(+500) I'm actually at 2724 total burn for the week!  I'm a little sad that I know the secret now though because I could have been burning a lot more since I was shooting to have 500-1000 in my remaining total...maybe I can convince myself Angela's wrong...lol

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  1. Hehe we could pretend that MFP has bad measurements? Or just forget? I am pretty sure though because after asking you if you knew how they did the calculations, I just had to figure it out!