Kat's Shower

Last Saturday, March 31st, Shana & I drove to Coatesville, PA to celebrate Kat's bridal shower.  MapQuest said it would take 2+ hours to get there so I was up bright and early to get a manicure before meeting Shana around 10am.  Unfortunately my manicure took longer then planned & Quynh told me my outfit wasn't dressy enough so I ended up meeting Shana closer to 11 then 10, whoops!  Luckily it didn't take nearly as long as anticipated and we were the first guests to arrive!
The shower was very simple, we didn't play any games or anything but the food was delicious!  We spent the first hour or two chit chatting with Kat's family & friends from PA before grabbing a plate for a late lunch.  I wish I had taken pictures of the food!  There was this salad with strawberries, cheese & nuts that was awesome!  There was also a hoagie dip that was yummy.  It's the 2nd time I've had it at a party recently; must be an up & comer on the appetizer circuit, guess I'm going to have to learn to make it.

Soon it was time for gifts!  Kat & Mark got an adorable set of plastic mason jar glasses for using in the yard this summer.  I'm excited to try them out!
Her mother-in-law to be put together an awesome bag full of items they can use on their 3 week European honeymoon (I know, I'm jealous too).  And her grandmother made this beautiful blanket that she promptly modeled for us.
Shana put together a basket with an ice bucket, bottle opener & a few bottles of wine that Kat was very excited about.  Next she modeled her new luggage for the honeymoon!
Once the gifts we open and the cake was eaten it was time to relax.  I swear Shana & I did not wear the same outfit.  She is actually wearing a dress with leggings and I have on a top and black pants but the prints are very similar.
Towards the end of the afternoon the bridal party got together for some pictures, I was shocked by how many people there were.  I counted everyone and realized she only has 1 more bridesmaid then I do...oops!  Imagine if I would have asked all 10 like I wanted to!!

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