rome wasn't built in a day

I gained a pound.  Seriously, I gained one and I'm really angry about it.  I've been counting every morsel I put in my mouth all week, I've been under my calorie goal consistently, I've been walking, I've been working out, I haven't eaten out...and...nothing...actually worse then nothing although I don't know the word for it...

I get that I've only really been back on the wagon for a few days but I had hoped that if I didn't lose I would at least stay the same; gaining was never an option!  As I stood there on the scale this morning I went through every excuse possible in my head...the scale must be broken...I had a lot of sodium yesterday, I must be retaining water...I lifted more then usual this week so my muscles are making me weigh more...  But at the end they're all just excuses and the truth is I need to stay on track and give it time...which blows because I am NOT a patient person...  

Here's how my Thursday went...(I actually told a friend I was feeling skinny that morning)...

1. Walk at least 10,000 steps a day.  3896 steps.  I tried to wander around as much as possible at work because I knew I wouldn't get many steps that evening.  I had a thirty-one party scheduled and most people find it odd when you pace for no reason.  2 days accomplished.

My boss actually just got a Fitbit and we're "friends" so I'm hoping that watching how much she runs around will inspire me to get up more often.
2. Workout at least 5 times.  I didn't workout.  The thirty-one party took up the majority of my evening and by the time I got home I was just too darn tired to work up a sweat.  I should really try to exercise in the morning sometime.  2 workouts complete.

3. Eat out less then 5 times.  I did not eat out again!  In fact I stopped home in between work and the thirty-one show to make myself a quick taco from Wednesday nights leftovers.  1 meal out. 

4. Have a total burn of at least 3500 calories.  Per Angela's theory, I'm at a 3457 total burn for the week.  Per my previous way of thinking I'm at 1457 total burn for the week.

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  1. I know you are angry about the pound but I sort of find it comforting that you & I are slumping at the same time. It's been SO hard for me to get to the gym lately, and while my husband and I have been making more of an effort THIS month, it's still not up to where we were a year ago.

    I'm hoping May we can just attack the gym and get back into some basic routine.

    Don't fret. You can do this! You look great and you've come so far. It's only natural to dip in progress sometimes and only means you will go back up.

  2. I totally feel your pain! I have been on a plateau all through Insanity and its annoying me. You have to give it more time than a week though! I only weigh myself once a month for that reason.

    Not to be pushing Paleo but cutting back on grains helped me get over a plateau before (cutting back, not completely cutting out). Maybe you just need a change. Just an idea!

  3. Hang in, you'll get it back on track!