XMAS 2011

HO HO HO!  Oh right, xmas was like a month and a half ago...  We slept in until around 8am then headed downstairs to see what Santa had left.  I know I brought my camera down and had it ready but for some reason I don't have any pictures of Joe and I exchanging...just the cats playing with their new toys.  Which is really a feat in itself because they could usually care less about toys.
Joe and I have started a couple of holiday traditions since we've been in our new house, one of which is mimosas while we open gifts.  Santa was a little bit of a perv this year and left two boxes from Victoria's Secret under the tree...  We had decided earlier in the season to go easy this year what with our vacation and probable engagement/wedding in 2012 so it didn't take to long to open everything up.  Some stand outs were a cake pop maker and a very pretty sweater.  After a little while of enjoying our champagne we headed next door to give Jack his gifts.
He was too cute!  Very excited to give Joe & me our gifts!  He immediately wanted to start playing with the numerous sticker books Joe had gotten for him.  I had totally forgotten what the holiday is like when you're a kid.  He was SO happy, it really reminded me what the season is about.
We spent a little while taking group pictures and snacked of some bacon Nicole was frying up.  Before we knew it it was time to head to my mom's to meet up with my sister & Bill.
Shana had had a long night thanks to what we thought was some kind of stomach bug.  We come to find out since that she has an enlarged gallbladder and surgery may be in her near future.  But needless to say she wasn't the most jolly of the group.  Bill & I took over her job of handing out the gifts and we spent some time oohing and aahing over everything.  My highlight, a soda stream!
We were all starving by this point so we bee lined it to the table for brunch.  There were lots of delicious options, an egg casserole, cinnamon rolls, ham, french toast and a new recipe bacon sausage crescent bites. Dear god were they fantastic!
We hung out a little while longer and took some pictures before packing up the cars and heading to our next destination.
For Joe and I that meant a stop home for a shower and a quick nap before heading to his parent's house for dinner.  We got there about an hour before dinner would be ready so there was plenty of time to exchange with his family.  We are the happy recipients of numerous gift cards to restaurants and stores all over the area!  It's going to be fun cashing them all in.  We also get lottery tickets each year, no winners this year though.
Of course there was plenty of time for watching A Christmas Story on TBS.  It drives me totally crazy and I really don't see what everyone's obsession is with that movie but Joe and Shana both love it so I'm always out voted when trying to change the channel.
We had a lovely dinner with Joe's parents, his sister Janey, her husband and their cousin Christopher.  It was a relaxing evening with good food and a lot of laughs.

We headed out after dessert but we weren't going home yet!  We had one more stop to make at my friend Lorie's house before we could officially call it a night.  It was Lorie's daughter Alayna's first christmas so both her family and her husband's very large family were celebrating at their house.  It was a crazy scene we showed up to!  We hung around for an hour or so saying hello and wishing everyone a happy holiday before excusing ourselves and going home for the rest of the night.  It was a busy day but full of lots of fun and excitement!

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