2nd Annual Unwanted Gift Exchange

Way back on in January we had our 2nd Annual Unwanted Gift Exchange.  The basic premise is that everyone brings one wrapped gift that they received over the holiday season and have no use for.  This doesn't necessarily mean that the items are junk though; this year I put in the cake stand I received at my holiday party and some DVDs (I already had the exact cake stand and we're Blu-Ray snobs).  Anyway it was such a hit last year that everyone was excited to do it again this year.
We had a pretty big turn out, almost 20 people!
Nicole brought over Jack's old bouncer for Matteo to use but Jack decided to give it a try instead...I swear he's having a good time!
Everyone seemed to have a really good time catching up and joking around.

Jack and Luke did a great job sharing the nerf gun.  Luke even perfected his aim enough to hit John numerous times from across the room.
Soon it was time to gather in the living room and exchange gifts!  We did it white elephant style.  Everyone took a number 1-18 and then the person with number 1 chose a gift, number 2 could either take number 1's gift or choose from the table, number 3 could take 2 or 1's gifts or choose from the table and so on.
Kate unwrapped an aqua globe and Mark was the big winner of this purple ruffled sweater!
Vic opened a one pound Sugar Baby that Shana had received from a student.
As you can see, people weren't exactly beating down the door to steal Mark's sweater.
Joe opened a box of mini chocolate liquor bottles, he was very possessive of them but still lost them by the end.
We were all disturbed by this Santa doll that Nicole brought and Tammy tried unsuccessfully to unload.
After all of the gifting was complete it was back to snacking and drinking.

The boys got ready for bed and played with some of the gifts we'd given Luke for xmas earlier in the evening.
And before long it was time to hit the road.  
Nicole & Lou totally aren't ready for another baby...sure...

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  1. It was such fun! And please apologize to Shana for the Coke Sign. Is it worth anything at the scrap yard??