NYE 2011

Our New Years Eve came together quite by accident.  We didn't have any plans and neither did most of our other friends so a few days before I offered to host.  I sent a quick email to everyone letting them know we'd be hanging out in our pajamas, eating delicious snacks and drinking some champagne if they were looking for something to do.  We ended up with about 8 people ringing in the new year.
Jack made sure the cats were ready to party.
While I stressed to everyone that there was a pajama theme and it was not necessary to dress up some people just didn't believe me and wore regular clothes anyway...  I'd like to think they were very uncomfortable and cursing that they hadn't worn their pajamas.
Kat & I both got our sets at Kmart just for the occasion!  Seriously how could I pass up cookie monster?!?
It was a fun night, most of our nearest and dearest in one place enjoying each other's company...  Kristen was a big fan of the camera...
There was lots of joking around and Jack got a lot of attention.
Ian didn't quite make it until midnight.

We took a lot of pictures and watched Dick Clark's New Years Rockin Eve.  I don't know why they continue to cart that man out onto the television, just let him get old in peace!  There was some debate about Lady GaGa and the other performers but over all we were definitely fans.
And at the stroke of midnight there was lots of kissing...

And then some more drinking...
It was a really fun low key way to ring in the new year.  Maybe we'll make it an annual thing, ya know, if there isn't anything more exciting going on next year...

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