Cruising the Bahamas - Tuesday

Wanna hear me complain about how I'm the worst blogger ever again?  I didn't think so...

Day 2 of our vacation started in Freeport, Bahamas.  We got up, had breakfast then made plans to meet up on the island.  While Joe and I were waiting for Mark and Kat we took a few pictures of the ship and each other.
Pretty soon our travelling buddies came down the gangway and we snapped a couple of photos of them with the cruise ships props.  I guess this is a big no no because when the staff caught Joe snapping over their shoulder they told us it wasn't allowed.  Apparently they really think people will pay $10 for a photo on the ship...
Mark and I had both forgotten to bring hats on the trip so our first goal was to find some.  After stopping in a few stores & booths we settled on a cowboy hat for Mark and a big floppy hat with a leopard sash for me.
We checked out the local wildlife...
Then we took some pictures with our hats in front of this pretty landscaping.  I don't know why I continue to think I should wear those aviator sunglasses, every time I see pictures of myself I think I look silly...
We grabbed some drinks ($3 margaritas & $1 shots) and settled in to listen to a local musician.
Soon we started to get hungry and while we were discussing what to eat some other cruise passengers told us to try the conch hut across the way.  They catch the conch, kill and cook them right there.  There were so many fish swimming around right in the marina and I'm very pleased with how the shot nice came out!

We ordered a few baskets of conch fritters and a bowl of conch salad before returning to our table by the music.  Everything was delicious and obviously very fresh!
It was getting close to the time we'd need to head back to the boat so we grabbed another drink and walked down to the beach so kill what time we had left.
It wasn't extremely hot out and the water was a little rough so we decided not to swim and just laid in the sand for a little while.
We headed back to the ship shortly thereafter, grabbed a snack and lounged at the pool since the sun was still strong.  The cruise staff was putting together a race in the pool and the winners got free beer.  That was all Joe & Mark needed to hear before deciding to join in.
There were two teams of four, each person had to swim the length of the pool and back then pass the wet t-shirt to the next person.  Joe and Mark did a great job but the lady on their team had some troubles getting in and out of the water so they didn't win :-(
I've never been any good at basketball (probably has something to do with my 5' height) so I lounged in the sun for a while longer while Kat, Mark & Joe shot some hoops at the basketball court on deck.  Soon they were tired so we headed back to our rooms to shower and get ready for dinner.

We tried the other main dining room that night.  It had more modern decor and equally yummy food although there was a couple at the table next to us that was being very loud and obnoxious.  We didn't hang around too long after our meal because of them.  We wandered around the ship for a little while before Kat and I called it a night and the boys returned to the casino, lol.  I swear we're fun people but getting up at 7ish and walking basically all day mixed with alcohol wears a girl out!  I was excited to see this cute little guy waiting for me in bed though!

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