Mom's Graduation

Way back in early December my mother graduated from Richard Stockton College with her master's degree in Instructional Technology.  My sister is working on the same degree and will graduate in another couple of years.  My mom has been trying to convince me to go back to school for the same degree ever since I decided to give up on my MBA but I wasn't convinced.  Per the program brochure it serves: 1) students who seek or will continue employment in the P-12 schools; 2) students who wish to pursue coordinator or supervisor positions in P-12 schools and districts; and 3) students seeking or holding careers in business, industry, or non-profit organizations.  I fit very nicely into that 3rd section...  I'll most likely do it but I have a lot going on in 2012 that I need to get a handle on before I start squeezing school into the mix.

Anyway, I got to the college a later then I had planned because I stopped to pick up flowers.  Luckily Shana & Bill were already there and I found them quickly.  We proceeded to entertain ourselves by taking pictures.  I just love the lady over Shana's shoulder in the first one!
Eventually the graduates made there way in to the auditorium, we had perfect seats for where my mom was seated.

Shana showed off by singing the school song...
We had to sit through all of the undergraduate presentations first and I couldn't get over some of the shoes theses girls were wearing.  I saw a lot of SUPER high heels and really loved these hot pink pumps!
After a what seemed like forever it was time to call up the masters program graduates.  Luckily there weren't nearly as many as the undergraduates so it didn't take too long.

Our friend Mark was also graduating with his MBA that day so I made sure to snap a picture on the big screen.
It was a chilly day so we only snapped a couple of pictures afterward and headed to the Library for an early dinner.  Congrats Mom!!

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