Happy Valentine's Day!

I know a lot of people out there hate Valentine's Day...it's a Hallmark holiday, blah blah blah...but I love it!  I don't think we all show how much we love each other enough so it's great that there's a special day where every one gets a little extra mushy about that special someone.  Joe has been doing a great job of spoiling me already today.  He's at a training in PA for work but he managed to run out and get me a delicious bagel for breakfast before he left this morning.  Then his father delivered this beautiful gold dipped rose to my office just before lunch (he also let me know that he has a terrific son and the only thing that could make him any better would be a grandson...) plus there's something yummy simmering in the crock pot as we speak.  When I asked what it is he responded with "stuff."  I hope you're all having a great day too!

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