Cruising the Bahamas - Thursday

Ok, time to finish talking about vacation.  Angela put me to shame by blogging her entire trip to Ireland within 2 days of getting home...  

Thursday was our last full day on the cruise and we were going to spend it relaxing.  We docked at Norwegian's private island, Great Stirrup Cay, around 8am.  After breakfast we made our way to the tender boats to be taken ashore.  Because the island is so small they don't have a place for the ship to dock so we had to take smaller double decker boats over.
We quickly grabbed a couple of chairs in the sun, close to the water and settled in to get our tan on.
The boys really enjoy snorkeling but Kat & I aren't fans.  We've decided it's because we're control freaks and can't stand the feeling of the mask.  Anyway, they swam around for a while checking out the local wildlife while I read and Kat napped, hahaha, no pun intended.
Joe and I booked a kayaking excursion for the late morning/early afternoon but can you believe our fancy underwater digital camera broke right before we left?!?  It is supposed to be water tight but went dark while Joe was snorkeling and when he brought it out to show me the battery compartment was wet!  We're hoping that the manufacturer will be able to fix or replace it.  Needless to say we don't have any pictures of our kayaking excursion.  It was pretty fun though, we paddled around to the other side of the island, saw some lizards, sting rays, conchs, sea cucumbers and starfish because heading back around for lunch.  We had worked up quite a hunger and were ready to eat!

After lunch Kat & I lounged some more and the boys snorkeled some more.  Later we hit up the straw market for souvenirs and before we knew it it was time to head back to the ship. 
We stopped to take a group picture with the entrance sign.
Which appeared to start a trend.  Mark must have stood there for 15 minutes taking every pictures for every family that came past.
We were all hungry by the time we got back to the ship so we went straight to our rooms to get read for dinner.  Joe wanted to get a few pictures of the sunset so he went down to the main deck while I finished getting ready.

That boy really is talented!  We had one last dinner in the main dining room, stopped at the on ship store to pick up Joe's duty free scotch and a few other souvenirs before calling it a night.  We had to get everything packed up because we would be back in Florida in the morning and off the ship by 9am. 

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  1. Blogging = avoiding homework ;)
    Glad you had a nice time!!! Very relaxing!