Long time, no see...

Hey party people!  I'm super sorry that I've been MIA lately!  Obviously we were out of town for a week but things have just been super busy since we've been back.  I logged in on Sunday afternoon and uploaded all of my vacation pics so that I can start those posts.  But while I was uploading I noticed I still haven't written about my mom's graduation, Christmas, NYE, New Year's Day or the Unwanted Gift Exchange.  So I'm going to try to crank those out before I talk about vacation.  Here's a couple of pics to hold you over though :-)

I also wanted to share a few tid bits about what I've been up to so here it goes:

1. I didn't reach 130 by 1/30 (big shocker).  I barely made it to 140 by 1/30.  But I did manage to work out 3 of the 5 days we were out of town so that's a win!

2. I heart intervals.  I've heard tons of bloggers talk about HILT (high intensity interval training) but always blew it off.  Well, Kat introduced me to the joys of HILT the first day of our vacation and now I'll never run on a treadmill the same way again!  Just yesterday I did 4 miles at the gym where I walked at 3.5 for .1 then ran at 6.0-6.5 for .3, it was great!  The time flew by and I felt like I had a much better workout then my normal trudging through the 4 miles at a 5.5!

3. We finally put together Jack's spaceship!  We got it for him for xmas but hadn't had a chance to actually set it up and play with until this past Saturday.  It was too cute, he & Joe put it together and then they starting coloring it, kept them entertained for at least 2 hours, lol. 
4. Our local ShopRite finally had the new flavors of Chobani!  I obviously picked up a couple of each to try.  I'm much more excited then I think I should be about yogurt.

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