Cruising the Bahamas - Monday

Let's talk vacation.  It's only been 2 weeks since we got back!  I have been so busy lately and I'm hoping to be able to share a LOT of good news with you all sooner rather then later.  However, all this excitement is really hampering my blogging time.  I'm hoping to get it all under control soon but with the way life's going I may be getting busier instead of slowing down.

Anyway, we left for vacation around 5am on Monday morning 1/30/12 (I was not however weighing 130).  My dad graciously offered to drive us to the airport so at 4:45am he showed up at our house, we loaded our suitcases then stopped to get Mark & Kat before heading to the Atlantic City airport.  It really is the best airport to fly in and out of, nice and small, never a long wait.

Our flight landed in Ft Lauderdale around 10am and we caught a cab to the Port of Miami.  We were all pretty hungry but the cruise staff assured us we'd be on the boat soon and we could eat once we were aboard so it didn't make any sense to try to find food in a strange city.  Well, the cruise staff was wrong.  Apparently there were some hooligans still on the boat from the previous trip and they won't let the new guests on until all of the old guests have departed.  Instead of chowing down, we spent an hour or so hanging out in the port waiting area playing on our various internet devices.
When we were finally allowed on board we went straight for the pool deck.  Joe & I have learned through previous cruising experience that you don't always have access to your room or luggage right away so we told Mark & Kat to pack bathing suits in their carry-on so we could take advantage of the sun immediately.
While Kat & I changed into our bathing suits in a nearby bathroom the boys hit the buffet for some lunch.  It was the first of many delicious meals on the Norwegian Sky.
It wasn't quite warm enough for swimming so we just soaked in the sun and that fabulous feeling of not being at work.
This is where I apparently stopped taking pictures.  Once we had access to our rooms we changed and headed to the gym where I knocked out 3 miles of intervals on the treadmill with Kat while the boys lifted.  Then we went back to our rooms and got ready for dinner.  We hit some rough sea that first night and it was kind of funny watching people get their "sea legs."  But Kat has issues with motion sickness so while she came prepared with plenty of medication it all hit her pretty hard.  Plus I was exhausted from the day of travel so after we finished eating dinner the boys decided to wander the ship and the ladies headed for bed.  I was met by this adorable little guys on our bed upon my return to our room!  How did they know I love frogs!

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