the joys of working in a hospital

I am normally a pretty healthy person, I rarely get sick.  I think that all of my exercise and mostly healthy eating keeps the germs away, plus I believe a little dirt is good for you.  Unfortunately what has worked for me the majority of my life doesn't stand a chance against working in a hospital.  I've been in my new office for almost 5 months and I've been sick twice.  I woke up Thursday with a scratchy throat and it didn't get any better from there.  

I had little desire to eat solid food.  I started the day with a shake and packed yogurt, etc for lunch.  I spent the morning drinking lots of water and tea at my desk, at lunch all I wanted was soup so I used a meal out and bought myself some Italian wedding soup and a soft pretzel (for dipping) from the cafeteria.  It was pretty low calorie so I didn't do any damage to my goals, always a plus.  Sometime in the afternoon, I found some DayQuil in my purse and took one.  It really helped and I considered going to the gym but my trainer told me absolutely not, he wasn't getting sick...so...I skipped the gym.

I came home, curled up on the couch and when Joe got home and asked what we should do for dinner I told him I wanted more soup.  Because he's the greatest fiance on the planet, he made me grilled cheese and soup, my favorite!  I spent the rest of the evening on the couch watching TV and drinking more tea.

Goals ~ Thursday: 
  • Water: only got 48 oz but I drank a ton of tea but I'm not sure it counts.
  • Healthy Eats: 65 calories left!
  • Exercise: nope
  • Weekly Focus - 10 Minutes A Day: nope
  • Daily Challenge - Posture: I thought about it once or twice but I mostly wanted to lay down all day so I'm sure I was slouching.
Plus my other goals:
  • meals out = one
  • steps = 6,813

PS - For any local ladies looking for a night out...if I can find a friend to join me I'm going to check it out!  Who doesn't like free drinks, cupcakes & shopping?!?!

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