I’m such a cliché

It's been a long time since I've done a recap of my day but since I'll be reporting in daily for my Healthy Holidays Challenge I might as well get back to it.

Our weekend was a perfect mixture of excitement and relaxation.  I went to the gym for a session with my trainer after work on Friday and then we met Chris & Carol out for sushi.  We were home at a decent hour and I fell asleep on the couch like I always do after a couple of glasses of wine.

Joe managed to get yet another weekend off and we were up bright & early for our morning with Jack.  We went over to Shea's for breakfast and I enjoyed my last bites of cinnamon swirl pancake until the new year then we met Mark, Kate & Anna at the park to run off the sugar.
The kids played for about an hour and a half before it was time to head out.  It appears that hurricane Sandy brought our winter weather with her.  It's been in the 40s all week and though Joe wanted to check out a local classic car show I had had enough of the cold.  The boys dropped me off at home and went to meet Joe's dad at the show.  While they were gone I had an adventure of my own...

Our neighbor came over and asked if we knew anything about a dog in the yard, we did not.  Upon further investigation I found this adorable chihuahua mix shivering out back.  I brought her some lunch meat and cat food which she practically inhaled and when I tried to pet her she came close and tried to curl up against my body for heat.  I called the humane society and found that they don't take strays...  I then reached out to the local animal shelter and they said I could bring her in.  I put her in a Thirty-One box and drove her across town to the shelter, she didn't bark or try to get out of the box once.  By the time I got to the shelter I was in love.  The staff at the shelter said she looked loved and they would bet her family is looking for her.  On the way home I talked to Joe about my concerns that she wouldn't be adopted and might be put down.  To my surprise Joe said if it came to that, we could adopt her!  I called the shelter back and let them know we're interested in adoption, they took my name & number and told me to check back on Thursday.

I posted a few pictures on Facebook in case anyone recognizes her and the consensus from our friends was that we should have fostered her until she was claimed and then adopted her if she wasn't.  I would have considered that option except that she has a wound on her shoulder that needed treatment and I think her family has a better chance of finding her at the shelter then in my house.  So, we might be getting a dog!  Joe is definitely on the fence and really only wants to take her if she's going to be put down like, the. next. day.  I'm not really sure how to convey that to the shelter...  My hope is that her family claims her because while I'm sort of obsessed with her it's really not the best time to be adding a new member to our family.  But you can't plan for everything... I'll keep you all in the loop.

Sunday was a mess for me health and fitness wise.  We slept close to 11 hours made breakfast at home and popped a bottle of champagne for mimosas.  While Joe worked on making boutonnieres for his groomsmen I worked on the bottle of champagne.  We're using the bottles for decor so I was totally pulling my weight.
My mom came over that afternoon and worked on the bridesmaid bouquets and Nicole stopped by to help finish up the thank you banner.  We knocked out a bunch of wedding stuff which is great!  

The evening was not great.  I decided that since I was starting the challenge on Monday, Sunday was time to go hog wild with food (total cliché).  In addition to the champagne that morning we had chinese food for dinner and I polished off the last of a dump cake I had made.  Plus I barely moved, I don't think I even broke 2000 steps.  By the end of the night I was almost 1000 calories over on myfitnesspal and I literally felt sick.
This morning I woke up ready to attack this challenge.  I got on the scale and took all of my measurements before work, I ate breakfast at home and packed a lunch, I have a session with my trainer tonight and Joe is making a healthy dinner.  I'm ready to do this!  Here's where I'm starting:

Weight: 149.6 lbs
Waist: 30"
Hip: 38"
Arm: 13"
Neck: 12"
Thigh: 23"

The plan is to get down to 140 pounds by 12/31/12 anything more then that is a bonus.

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  1. Ok, first of all, how SWEET are you guys to offer that dog a home if nobody claims her.

    Second, that is the cutest chihuahua I've ever seen (and we've been fostering dogs for the last year and half). I love her colouring, so unique.

    Third, mimosas are AWESOME ;)