Healthy Holidays Challenge

I think I've made it pretty obvious that I'm struggling with weight loss for the wedding.  At this point I'm up about 13 pounds from my low of 134 back in July of 2011.  My plan was always to get down to 130 for the wedding but it's painfully evident that I won't be getting there.  I'm being honest with myself, I would have to starve to loose 17 pounds in less then 2 months.  I really don't want to starve myself over the holidays...

I have 2 sessions a week scheduled with my trainers from now until the wedding.  I'm a little concerned because I have not run since the 1/2 marathon and I'm not upset about it, LOL.  I'm going to start taking a couple of classes a week at the gym to round out my exercise plan since running just doesn't sound appealing right now.  I also have lofty goals of doing arm & ab videos everyday to work out my problem areas but that hasn't happened yet.

Basically I'm lost.  I need to figure out what I'm going to do.  I had my first wedding dress fitting on Thursday and the good news is...my dress fits.  I do not need to lose an ounce.  I'm not thrilled with my back/chest/arms but I've already talked with my trainers and we have a plan of action to knock out my problem areas.  What else can I do but follow their plan?  I can work my own plan.  Well, Angela's plan.

My friend Angela is running a Healthy Holidays Challenge over on her blog and I've decided to take part.  The basic plan is to make yourself a major goal for the 8 weeks and then follow Angela's prompts for each day.  She even provided us with a "report card" to keep track of how we're doing and there's a Facebook group for support!  I'm a little confused by the whole thing but luckily Angela is one of my best friends so she's only a phone call away!
I've decided to set my main goal as to get down to 140.  I'd love to keep my original goal of 130 but I'm pretty sure I'd regret it if my dress didn't fit come 12/31.  I'm more concerned about toning my chest/back/arms but I don't think there's a good way to measure that...so...I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning and move on from there, I'm guessing it's about 7 pounds.
The challenge starts tomorrow 11/5 and the goals are:

Week 1: Food Log - we have to keep track of all of our food.  No sweat, I already do that.  I'm also going to go back to taking pictures so get ready for photos of everything I eat.

Day 1: Be Perfect - this means I have to drink 64+ ounces of water, eat healthy food (no cheating) and exercise at least 10 minutes.  I'll let you know how I did on Monday night or Tuesday!

Wish me luck!

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  1. It seems like you're on a roll! That sounds like a great plan.

    No matter what, I'm sure you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day :) It's one of the bestest days ever!