HHC ~ W1D1

Because I spend a good portion of my day thinking about that poor dog that I left at the animal shelter I called over there on Monday afternoon.  I was polite and friendly with the woman on the phone and asked for an update on the her.  The woman told me they don't release information on strays, I told her I was confused as I had been told on Saturday to call back Thursday because I was interested in adopting the animal.  She told me I had been misinformed and that they would contact me if the dog became available for adoption.  Well...ok then.  I guess if I don't hear anything that means the owners have claimed the dog?  Not a great system...

Since there's no news on the dog front I'll go back to talking about food & exercise I guess...

I did a terrible job of photographing my food for most of the day.  Apparently it's an easy habit to break and a hard one to pick back up.  At breakfast I remembered to take a picture just before my last bite.  I had a coffee with cinnabon creamer and a pumkpin bagel thin with laughing cow cream cheese and a scrambled egg.  At lunch time I actually had to dig my bowl out of the trash can to take a picture.  I had a cup of broccoli cheese soup with a roll for dipping.
You may remember from my previous post that I packed my lunch that morning and you would be correct.  But it was freezing in my office all day and I really wanted something warm instead of my yogurt & apple.

After work I went directly to the gym for 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by a 35 minute session with Ali.  I find the elliptical to be great for catching up on my songpop games.  Today was Ali's birthday so she was in an extra good mood and definitely hit me with her best shot.

When I got home Joe had dinner ready.  Espresso balsamic pot roast with roasted green beans and mushrooms, it was delicious!  I also had a piece of peppermint bark and 2 fun size cookies and cream bar as my dessert to get my calories up to 1200.  According to myfitnesspal I had 500ish calories left to eat but there wasn't anything that tickled my fancy and could be considered healthy so I left my totals were they were.
I think I did well on day 1 of the challenge.  I drank 72oz of water.  I made healthy choices in regards to my eating, even ended the day with 329 calories still available on myfitnesspal (I snuck in a late night hot chocolate).  I worked out for 55 minutes.  That sounds pretty perfect to me!

Tuesday (W1D2):  Weekly Focus - Food Log, Group Challenge 2 - Mini Circuit (50 jumping jacks, 50 push ups & 50 sit ups).  I've got a busy day scheduled with work, kickboxing at the gym, a few errands & can't forget to vote!  But I know I can make it all work and still stay healthy!  I'm toying with keeping the goals going all week depending on what Angela throws at us.  Like being perfect & doing a mini circuit then continually adding on until Sunday when I do it all?!?!?

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  1. Aw I love that idea!!!! Maybe every Sunday can be like that! Oooh...