HHC ~ W1D3

I didn't do a great job with my challenge goals on Wednesday, I'm sensing a pattern here...  I'm trying to decide if I'm being too hard on myself, Angela seems to think so, it's like I have totally lost my willpower.  My days start out great but by the end I'm a big old mess!

After reading the prompt for Wednesday, to eat 5 servings of veggies, I knew just how to start the day.  I added 2 cups of raw spinach to my morning shake.
I planned on buying my lunch in the cafeteria at work because I normal yogurt, apple & pretzels contains no veggies.  My original plan was to get a salad but after fining out Joe was making salad for dinner I had to change plans...a girl can only take so much lettuce.  My next idea was a BLT but somehow I ended up ordering the daily special of grilled corned beef...  The sandwich was delicious but at 690 calories it was a splurge, I told myself I'd only eat half but when I looked down the whole thing was gone...  I told myself that I could knock out 690 calories at the gym and with the light dinner Joe had planned I'd be home free.

When I left work I was greeted by a lovely surprise, SNOW!  We rarely get snow in South Jersey especially this early in the season.  I took a picture of myself in the car before I headed to the gym and the comments on Facebook were so funny, some people cursing the snow, others celebrating.
I didn't let the storm sway me from the gym though.  I got there a little early and did 20 minutes on the elliptical before meeting up with Sarah. 
I was already sore from Monday's session with Ali and told Sarah as much.  She did a great job working other muscle groups and trying interesting new exercises.  At one point I was walking the track on my hands while she held my feet like a wheelbarrow.

The drive home took longer then usual because of the weather and I was starving when I walked in the door.  Joe was just finishing up preparing dinner so I helped myself to some cheese and crackers while I waitied. 
I just couldn't stop eating all night long.  I was getting dangerously close to my calorie limit but kept right on snacking.  I seriously need to get the sweets out of my house.  I had a fun size package of whoppers, a piece peppermint bark and finished the night with a hot chocolate.  In an attempt to salvage my day I finished up the mini circuit.  During my session with Sarah I had done 40 push ups and 30 sit ups so all I had to do at home was 10 push ups, 20 sit ups and the 50 jumping jacks, no sweat.
Unfortunately I didn't do enough. 
  • Water: I had 56 oz and planned on drinking the last 8 upstairs before bed but I got distracted and forgot.
  • Healthy Eats: I was 3 calories over my limit, 3 measley calories.
  • Exercise: 60 minutes total.
  • Weekly Focus - Food Log: completed.
  • Daily Challenge - 5 servings of veggies - I think I got about 3.
  • Extra Torture I'm Inflicting Upon Myself - I was not perfect, I did the circuit, I did not get 5 servings...


  1. Your health plan is putting me to shame!!

    I'm also a big fan of morning smoothies; we can fit so much nutrients in there (especially the veggies). Someone gave me a trick the other week and it's awesome so I'm sharing it with you :) Some stores sell frozen spinach in the shape of balls within their packaging. It's a perfect size for a smoothie serving, or if someone wants to double it up, two balls would be fine too. I like that it doesn't go bad that way. Saves me from washing, cutting etc.

  2. Lauren! Ive been thinking about you a lot lately... (is that weird?) I just moved and I can't afford any of the gyms near me. I'm still not sure what to do & I really feel like my eating has taken as nose dive as well. I dread the scale and have been ignoring it. But. I don't know. I'm thinking that maybe you are being too hard on yourself?

    I'm probably the worst person in the world for saying that because I've been mega self-conscious myself. I think you need to celebrate your little successes though and maybe Day 4 of your challenge will be happier. You've done so much, you look fantastic, and you are planning a wedding. It's a lot of stress (as you know) and as it gets closer, your free time lessens up more and more.

    So I just wanted to be your little cheerleader today. Hope it helps a little bit. Is that Skinny Monster? Love those things. Skinnytaste.com has been our go-to site lately. I make one meal and use it for lunch all through the week and we've been cooking a lot of fresh meals with veggies for dinner too. I may not know what my weight is but I do know we are eating a lot cleaner and fresher than we used to. And that's something I need to applaud.

    Yes, I wrote you a novel. :) Hope your Thursday is great!


  3. Look at that awesome breakfast and dinner!

    And yes, I do think sometimes you are a little too hard (3 calories woman!!) but at least its better than excusing every thing you do. I just am here to encourage and support you when you are beating yourself up!! Just like these other ladies too!

    Yay for a great breakfast and dinner!
    Yay for 7 glasses of water!
    Yay for logging food!
    Yay for AN HOUR of exercise!!!