HHC ~ W1D4

I really hate not hitting my goals especially when they are all under my control.  I really appreciate all the kind words yesterday in reference to my being too hard on myself...but...I know what I need to do and plain and simply, I'm just not doing it.  I think it happens to everyone that's every lost a bunch of weight though, the first time I was really committed because I was seeing big results.  Now that I only have 10-15 pounds to lose the results aren't quick and they aren't big so I slack off.  But I can't slack off because it's the little things that count with these last 15...  Joe has been very good about telling me to put down the candy...but...I'm also more likely to stick my tongue out at him and eat it anyway where if it was pretty much anyone else I'd listen.  Plus it's hard for him to understand why I can't have a treat because he's so much bigger then me and burns so many more calories.  He can still have a beer or a piece of candy because he's got plenty of room.  Totally not fair...

I was determined to have a better day on Thursday.  I started with another shake; cafe caramel, spinach & a banana this time, delicious!  I skipped my coffee because I didn't think the caffeine was really necessary and boy was I wrong, I was dragging all morning at work!  Eventually I made myself a cup of tea and perked up a little.
It's pretty cold in my office so I've been having a hard time convincing myself to eat my yogurt & apple at lunch time, the cafeteria always seems like a better idea with it's hot options.  It doesn't help that my office mate rarely brings lunch from home so I can always tag along on her trip to the cafeteria.  I kept it simple on Thursday with a grilled ham & swiss with tomato.
I was SO close to skipping the gym after work.  Joe had gotten out early and it's so easy to just go home and curl up on the couch with him while telling myself I'll do a video or something later in the evening.  Lucky for me when I asked him his plans for the evening they included going to his own gym so there was no escaping it.  I went straight to the LifeCenter from work did 20 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill then completed the mini circuit before heading home. 
After debating what to eat for a little while we decided to go out to a local bar for dinner.  Gregory's is known for their special Taco Tuesday & Thursday where you can get 2 tacos for $1 and other mexican foods at low prices.  I had 4 beef tacos and water for $2.14! 
We were both super tired and had to be up early the next day so didn't stay out very late and went straight to bed when we got home.  But I had to stop for a snack on my way upstairs! 
Challenge wrap up:
  • Water: completed.
  • Healthy Eats: 146 calories to spare, wahoo!
  • Exercise: 30 minutes total.
  • Weekly Focus - Food Log: completed.
  • Daily Challenge - HIIT: completed.
  • Extra Torture I'm Inflicting Upon Myself - I was "perfect," I did the circuit, I did not get 5 servings, I did HIIT...3 out of 4 aren't bad!

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  1. Awesome Day!!!

    And I know what you are saying. You know what you have to do. But I'll still be here to celebrate those little victories!