HHC ~ W2D2 & D3

I was so busy on Wednesday...hence no blog about Tuesday which means you get a double dose of recap today!

Right, so, Tuesday.  My HHC daily goal was to eat all natural.  I kept confusing myself with all natural vs paleo.  As you may know, Angela tries to keep as paleo as possible and I found myself trying to eat the "caveman" way which I guess could also be construed as all natural.  Anyway...for breakfast I skipped the shake (ingredients I couldn't pronounce) and the bagel thin (more ingredients I couldn't pronounce) in favor of  2 eggs scrambled with 2 slices of deli ham (probably doesn't count because of the preservatives) and swiss cheese.  This is why I could never handle that lifestyle, I'd drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to eat.

When lunch came around I was faced with a dilemma.  Did I eat my pretzels & yogurt (not all natural) or go to the cafeteria and buy something all natural (use another meal out).  I decided that the lesser of the 2 evils was to eat my food from home.
After work I had plans to meet Mandy at the gym for a kick boxing class.  She was running a little late so I did 15 minutes on the elliptical while I waited for her.  The class was awesome!  I really enjoy the instructor and plan on making it to her Tuesday class as often as possible.
On the way home from the gym I was starving so I called Joe to see what our dinner plans were...he had already eaten...without me...the nerve!  I debated picking up a salad on the way home but again thought about those 6 meals out left for the month and decided to raid the fridge at home.  I ended up putting together a delightful treat, rosemary and olive oil triscuit crackers with vermont white cheddar cheese slices and deli sliced london broil.  IT WAS SO GOOD!
Goals ~ Tuesday: 

  • Water: 64 oz check!
  • Healthy Eats: 810 calories left!
  • Exercise: 15 minutes on the elliptical & 55 minutes of kickboxing!
  • Weekly Focus - 10 Minutes A Day: check
  • Daily Challenge - All Natural Eats: just not my thing
Plus my other goals:
  • meals out = zero!
  • steps = 12,102!

I knew Wednesday was going to be a busy day and it really flew by for me.  Seriously, I didn't even take any pictures!  I started the day with a dark chocolate shake, it looked really gross but tasted good.  We had a staff meeting and pot luck lunch scheduled at our main office that afternoon.  I did a decent job of keeping my calories low, only eating 2 soft tacos and skipping the delicious cake & cupcakes.  After work Joe & I attended a networking event at the Revel.  It was really a good time.  I knew a lot of people there but still got to spend time talking to new contacts.  The only picture from the evening was this strip from the photo booth:
Goals ~ Wednesday (not great): 
  • Water: only got 48 oz
  • Healthy Eats: 134 calories left!  I was pleasantly surprised when I totaled everything up, I drank a few glasses of wine at the event but didn't eat much so things evened out.  Not the healthiest plan but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...
  • Exercise: does walking in high heels count?
  • Weekly Focus - 10 Minutes A Day: nope
  • Daily Challenge - mini circuit: nope
Plus my other goals:
  • meals out = zero!
  • steps = 7,517

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  1. Haha you are just too busy for natural eating (it takes a lot of prep time). I agree, better to go with good calories and relatively healthy eats! Great job!